posted on August 3, 2012 at 6:45 pm


rainbow gardener

another sweet day

the water is green and foaming

lovely dove is homing

i’m combing through pasts i never lived

black cat sniffed the air

i guess this is the beginning of magic

prince among  cats agree with me

its peachy soft in the sky right now

everything so still and quiet

the wilted yesterday in a little vase

it seems to sing something under the silence

the trembling web just beyond the light

on the eve of a strange comet

another night the red stars

i feel the birds moving in sky

i feel the fish moving in sea

i feel the worms moving in earth

i feel the spirits moving in ether

in the dark when everything comes down

a warm embrace a hand touches me

although i am alone someone moves against me into desire

although my eyes are closed i see with my fingers

my fingers  numb i hold on with my eyes

behind every ocean i’m down at the shore

behind every world i’m hung in the skies

behind every clock the time thats next door

i wonder how long i’ll remain here in guise

i wonder what then i’m hanging in for

the pleasures get steeper the deeper you go

its nice but can i come at the price without consent or prior advice?

i fall over  picking myself up

although i am alone the curtains move against closed window

the radiator seethes and gasps like a bunch of little asps

the orange moon soon shed its redness

the risk gone the disc shone on

no oblivion could sunder the orb from the sun

my heart is with the lord in kingdom come

all angels scream out his praises in phases of ecstasy

everyday we will walk and talk together by the limpid pools

oh an idyll the hornbill see how the golden bream race in schools

blue swan horizon decorates my heavenly pad

i hang out with your dad its sad we passed this way

i keep waiting for sleep or a knock at the door

and that sweet day has come back once more






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