posted on April 13, 2006 at 2:40 am

yeah fiendss
im filming the film
im halfway thru
im playin an olde music producer
livin in bondi
i gotta coupla scenes at skinny dips cafe
then saturday i film the ubiquitous
“party sequence”
before i go to the sando to slay ya dead
with mah charisma
(which i just had topped up)
boy im such a goode akta
i cannae believe it mah self
plus of course
im getting plenty of offers to do
more akting from the admiring onlookers here
theyre wondering where an actor of my calibre
has been all these years
well i started off acting a child
back in the sixties
then i started acting as a handsome
young popstar
then as a handsome not so young pop star
now im playing an avuncular kind olde guy
that you all can and could love
im playing a daddy
im playing a husband
im playing a troubled dude
who eventually came goode
thanks to yoga swimmin meditation
and all the rest of it
the theatre is the world
you are my co actors
this is the script
feel free to improvise
any how
i gotta get back to my luxury trailer
snort some brain draino
have my steroids
check the botox
i’ll bee seeing ya

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