posted on August 25, 2008 at 9:03 pm

ive had that horrible song in my head
that one about sally
jesus, sally is a horrible name too
unless your sally forth…
you know
theres so much of little value out there
you can imagine how the philistine dross
burns the delicate sensibilities of someone like moi
i get to the pool
a guy there is telling me how his 9 year old son has formed a school band
theyre playing oasis songs he says
why? i say (shocked by the sink-ronicity)
because theyre easy and simple to play
and the kids understand the words
(i’m sure they do)
and they have a great singalong factor
(just like baah baah blacksheep)
you should see them he says
dont think i will be attending, though unfortunately…
i have been always been naive and cynical simultaneously
which are 2 nasty traits in a man
but as parallel personality defects
they are truly abysmal
which is why i dont have any friends
because im stupid and smart at once
who can tolerate that?
i am at once incredibly cruel and incredibly kind
i make every individual in the room the subject of my disinterest
look i love and loathe myself in equal measures
dont you?
(actually steve, more people choosing the loathe option)
thats ok
i have met many people
who loved me so much that….yes…
they had begun to loathe…
and of course…
you guessed it
as usual
there were those who came to loathe
but ended up buried deep in love
i love to sit in my high lonely tower
sending down my bitter and envious yet truthful bile
theres a guy whose music i loathe so much
i would rather listen to liam sing a sarah maglockwin song
than abide one second of his puddingy syrup
hes a local guy
hes doing 2 sold out nights at a lovely venue with orch
god wouldnt i rather be swanning around on that stage
dressed in a tux
crooning a few numbers
and cleaning up the bucks
rather than bashing it out
with my crew of evil wasted rockers
in some beer soaked bunker at a million decibels
prob’ly to 50 people and making 5 dollars petrol money
am i envious of this geezer?
well of course i am
but one note of his music or voice
makes me feel so restlessly compelled
to escape its vicinity
lest my poor sensibilities
drown in a mawkish quagmire of sickly goo
ha ha
i was sitting in the car waiting for my kids
and this big islander guy i know approaches me
hey he says
you like rock music dontcha? he says
eeeerrr that depends…i say
he says
dya want this ?
and he thrusts a copy of a free cd of said geezer
that the local rag had given away one sunday
i dont fucking want that ..i hiss at the guy
i dont fucking want it either says the guy
well dont fucking give it to me ..i say
i thought you fucking liked rock music ..says the guy
i do….and that aint it…i say
well you know i like rap and i fucking hate this ..he says
have you listened to it..i say trying to push it back in his hand
the guy sneers …accidentally…he says
he seems lost for words
i fucking hate music like that
we bicker over the ownership of the record for a while
i needed him to know
that before i accepted and destroyed this platter of noxious tripe
that this was not what we rockers listen to
particularly in view of the raquet painkiller is making
he seemed to think that me being a rocker
this music was falling under my umbrella
when in truth its more like a mix of
the captain n tenille
meets barry manilow
after hes just consumed 8 buckets of fairy floss
the rapper dude wasnt buying it
and finally with a menacing look
he threw the radioactive bit of schmaltz into my car and legged it
there it was
sitting accusingly on my dashboard
the kids hadnt come out yet
i timidly plucked it from its sleeve
stuck it in the cd player
and was just beginning to recoil in horror
when the door opened n a friend jumped in
what ya list’ning to , killer ? he asks
and then
oh no
you dont think i was listening to this…
i was just…
i was just…
my friend gets out
backing away from the car horrified
at what he’d heard in my car
no no
you dont understand ..i miserably wailed
its not….

on the painkiller front
we rehearsed again yesterday
the painkiller crew are mean n desperate rockers
the volume was incendiary
the rock was turned up to 11 n a half
maymi was scorching and blistering
von ryper droned and strummed
bowden tuned in alien magnetic dustdevils
powles pounded and pummelled
i throbbed and ranted
exceeding all possible preconceptions
painkiller is now a living band
full of cut throat violent rock n roll hoodlums
ready to take no quarters and
give no prisoner
listening to us
is shirley the antidote
ONLY >>>
a few days left…!!!!!!

guaranteed no fucking syruppy schlopp!

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