Hammock feat Steve Kilbey

timEbandit Powles, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock talk about a new collaboration “Asleep in the Downlights” in the lead up to the 25th Oct release of a new Hammock gem.

Listen to the interview  www.hammockmusic.com/asleep then pre-order the music on vinyl or cd OR download it right there, right now.

‘Asleep in the Downlights’ is a four track EP, two of them with cameo vocals and songs written and sung by Kilbey and Powles, both mixed by the timEbandit, and also including two new Hammock songs “Sinking Inside Yourself”, a driving towering piece feat. a first-ever vocal from Andrew Thompson,  and the gorgeous “Parkers Chapel”, sung  by Marc Byrd. Four songs, four voices.

Asleep In The Downlights











This is essential listening for fans of either the church or Hammock and is a work of beauty, openness and wonder something our world needs right now.”

Tracks:1 No Agenda (Hammock feat. Steve Kilbey) 2 Sinking Inside Yourself (Hammock) Verse for Forgiveness (Hammock feat. timEbandit Powles* 4 Parkers Chapel (Hammock)
* these vocal versions of the “Chasing…”outtakes have also been remixed, or in the words of timEbandit, “demixed, deduced, massaged, reduced and enlarged”.