1965 Model 1993 Rose Morris Rickenbacker stolen from Marty Willson-Piper in New York in the 80
Hindsight 1980-1987 CD

Marty’s dream guitar – a 1965 Model 1993 Rickenbacker Rose Morris 12 string was stolen from a New York office back in the 80’s. Marty would dearly love to get this guitar back. These guitars were exported to Europe and Australia from the US and have a traditional ‘f-hole’ instead of the normal Rickenbacker ‘cat-eye’ sound hole. SERIAL NO EB157.

This beautiful guitar can be seen played by Marty in the church video for  A Different Man and is on the cover of his Rhyme album.



Stolen 1965 Model 1993 Rose Morris Rickenbacker Serial No EB157 - please return if found

Also stolen on the same day was the Shergold Modulator 12 string SERIAL NO 4010 that features in the video for Electric Lash and on the cover of the church’s Hindsight album and a custom made Rickenbacker.


Hindsight 1980-1987

If by some miracle someone out there knows of the whereabouts of these guitars or comes across it, we would dearly love it returned to Marty, especially his dearly loved ’65 model 1993 Rose Morris Rickenbacker!