Rain Party
The Moderns
Regular John

We are proud to introduce these special guest artists joining us for the upcoming art rock’n’roll shows in Melbourne and Sydney


On a journey driven by a desire to make music, sisters Neige and O Koppes left Sydney and travelled to New York, London and Los Angeles before finally landing back in Melbourne’s deep and thriving music scene in late 2010. It was here in the laneway capital that they met guitarist Aaron Ronaldson and RAIN PARTY was formed.

Fronted by the sweet-and-demonised vocals of Neige Koppes, the three blossomed quickly through jams, dragging all manner of sounds from their shared love of sparkling psychedelia and forbidden deeds. The intertwined measure of warbling notes and driving lead guitars from O and Aaron were quickly blended by Neige’s warm bass lines, casting a fresh new swaggering mould. Eventually the talented trio stumbled upon Andrew Congues, giving new life to RAIN PARTY from behind the kit. With his water tight rhythms and crashes, an added menacing hook grew out of their trademark sound; which rings in somewhere close to the glorious mess of bands such as The Kills and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.. and even the wails of PJ Harvey.

Following the recent release of RAIN PARTY’s debut EP (self-titled) and music video ‘Caught In A Daze’, the band are pleased to announce the release of their Double A-side single “Watch Me Run/Trouble” produced by Tim O’Halloran and David Williamson and mastered by William Bowden, due out early November.

Watch the new official video ‘Caught In A Daze’ here, officially released to television this week.


Psychedelic New = Psychedelic Old —————–?

Samuel Rees and Andre’ and Levi Franco are THE MODERNS bringing original rock and roll music from the heart to the world….straight from the Gold Coast Australia.

Sons of Preacher men with fire in their bellies, the three boys predominantly draw on influences from the sixties and seventies and pull it together and make it their own…
Drawing on a time when music was brilliant, – Influences abound with everything from Yes and Bob Dylan to Chuck Berry, Velvet Underground and Jeff Beck Group can be found in the boy’s unique rock psychedelic sound.

The Moderns live to write and play music – live the boys have shared the stage with Philadelphia Grand Jury, Last Dinosaurs, Tame Impala, I Heart Hiroshima, Van She and The Galvatrons.

The boys have played Big Day Out, toured a couple of laps of Australia and released their first full album DESCARTES last year to critical acclaim .
Now straight from the studio the boys will be pumping their new tunes live in preparation for the release of their new single “(slowly) Breakin My Heart” in early November through MGM and iTunes.


REGULAR JOHN’s debut The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb landed them a triple j feature album, Big Day Out appearances, ARIA nominations and the declaration of Best Rock Act at the 2009 Rolling Stone awards. Oblivious to what that all meant, they disappeared for three years. On a journey, you might say. Strange Flowers is the reason.

Ten tracks, one album, Strange Flowers is the fruit of a decision by REGULAR JOHN to make a record that one could play start to finish and feel as if they had taken a journey. Multiple listens will reveal many secrets but where you go is up to you.

Choosing to record again with long time collaborator Tim Powles (the church), Strange Flowers stretches sonically and emotionally into dimensions only hinted on their debut, with Powles production bringing layered headphone bliss while retaining the power of the band’s live sound.

First single Slume is an open heartbreak bandaged in fuzz, Syd Barrett slides and Zepped out time signature changes and has already been added to Triple J’s playlist.
The album takes you through epic multi movements like ‘Sky Burial‘ and the Philip K Dick inspired ‘Time Machine‘ to the fragile and melodic reverberations of ‘San Isidore’ and ‘Devil’s Face‘.
Thick with a guitar sound not heard since the walls of Siamese Dream, the doom pop of ‘Crystal Ball‘ and the deceptively joyous pummel of ‘Strange Flower’ will have you humming their melodies for days.
With Strange Flowers the band has clearly moved away from their humble stoner and garage punk origins and have stepped up to fill the vacant spaces in Australian music.

A natural evolution, brought on by seemingly harsh circumstances, singer guitarist Ryan Adamson mastered the subtleties of analogue synthesizers and obscure electronics while awaiting surgery for a spinal condition that left him medicated and unable to pick up a guitar for several months.
Original guitarist Brock Tengstrom departed in 2010 but rather than setting the band back, it allowed room to breathe, experiment and expand with the welcome addition of guitarist Miles Devine to the fold.

If you are tired of dinosaurs of rock still ruling the local landscape, REGULAR JOHN have the answer. Strange Flowers has a heaviness, intensity and attention to detail that has been missing from Australian music for a long time. Bold and unafraid, they tap elements of 90s shoegaze, 80s post punk and 70s prog rock while keeping their feet firmly planted in the now. Strange Flowers defies genre and era. It is psychedelic. But it’s not retro. It’s ambitious but it’s not prog. It is dark and heavy but it’s not metal. It swings to all sides of emotional and sonic spectrums, giving nods and winks to those that appreciate music in it’s many forms and manifestations.

Listen to Slume http://soundcloud.com/reckoningentertainment/03-slume and get the free download
Watch it on YouTube http://soundcloud.com/reckoningentertainment/03-slume