posted on September 4, 2006 at 5:26 am

been watchin’ born to boogie
the t rex film (thanks hot toddy)
at the zenith of his career
from hereon in
the long slide
which had in fact
already begun
although trex are set up in the biggest gig in england
they look like theyre playin’ at lyneham high school social
absolutely no lights
no drum riser
all kinda crammed together
i saw trex live in
maybe 1973 in sydney
they were rubbish
about 6 songs stretched out by bolans awful “lead” guitar
and ridiculous posturing
how could a man fall from grace so fast……?
during one of the pretty good “surreal” segments in the film
ringo starr (obviously with a bit of a hetero crush on bolan)
dressed up as a mouse chauffering boleys caddy
pulls up in the haze of an english summer morning
bolan looks out from under his locks of hair n silly hat
n says to ringo quietly
mm ..nice day..
and then you just got to know
how fuckin’ cool it must have been to have been bolan
at that very second
or even hang out with him
but already at the wembley concert which the film is hung around
its all startin’ to go to marcs lovely head
and oh dear
oh my my
why wouldnt it?

but its an earlier marc that i myself
am still interested in
beard of stars n t rex
where it all came into focus
i mean electric warrior is brilliant
but the seeds of destruction were already sown
i love the slider too
but by now boleys not boley anymore
hes gone from boppin’ elf
to a bona fide screamingirls limousineridin’
cokesnortin’ fuckin ROCKSTAR
oh beware beware beware
his muse laid a cuppla farewell killa songs on him
like 20 century boy, etc
and she split, never to be seen again
but by tanx…
i was furious with that album
not one halfway decent….no nothin’
absolutely the worse tripe
and so on from then on out
but theres never been a guy with so many posthumous albums
all with the same old buncha songs on em
bolan was a cosmic rocker
he was a seeeker of space
his sublime stuff is sublime
check out the weeeping wah wah on lofty skies
that guitar is speaking straight to your heart darlin’
check out the chord progression on great horse
for total weirdness check out wind cheetah
which sounds like it was written by a phoenician
on some strange instrument in city of tire
then check out the rhythm guitar playing on t rex
as good as keef at rockin n rollin’?
i just love boleys chopping boogieing playing
his strange endings
his preposterous accent
his beautiful melodies
an alternative to allthose strutting peacock turkeys
in deep purple n led sabbath n whoever else
bolan you were the bees knees old son
you were only young when ya went..
who knows you coulda come back …….
ive been listnin to these albums since 1970
36 years of gratification
not bad when ya think about it
a really really hip cat
but could it give me love
give me little love
gimme little love from gods heart?
and then i’ll walk….

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