posted on November 19, 2011 at 8:48 pm

in the tent of my fortune


if this is what you want then read on:

this flimsy stuff

this elaborate hoax

this enchanted evening just cast to the wind

sunburned women totter intoxicated beasts

to go inside them you know to feel the sway

the cafes all lit up by the shining black waves

that crash on the sharky shore in the dark

now we sit astride a dolphin fish that golds the foam momentarily

now we dine and drink beer and we shout for more life

children enter the future alone

the shells shall still rock in quiet pools

i am some sort of creature a limpet all emerald

i am the boss who is livid and drinks too much wine

i am the one legged gull piping all cracked

i am the boy who delivers funeral flowers after mass

i am the tramp with the trash in my trees

i am  a man from middle east  strange tattoo on my back

i am a free spirit drawn to the sea

on saturday night which longs for more life

more life for the lady edging away

more life for the charlatan jugglin’ words

more life for our hemingway five leagues still hence

who types on the keys in an infra red night

by the side of an ocean his brow concentrated

by the side of the sea where the fish sing so song

there i am in moss and in net

in furlong of sea horse in line of the moon

i become attached to stone in the vestibule

i reside in air on condition of fluid and nimble

i accelerate the process as woman as man

i imitate the artist unblocked by his union

saturday night  its so bright like lightnin’

lightening up the darkness in me

one day you will see



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