posted on June 20, 2006 at 2:06 pm

one of the children
another bad dream
its a black rainy midnite
i listen to equatorial stars
the bending notes free my mind
soft tinkles a life at sea
so still
so quiet
minutes rain down from the clock
drowning me in time
outside things come down with the rain
silver things
some good
some wicked
the night surrounds my house
it asks me my name
oh im steve kilbey i say
no not that it says
your REAL names
i think for a minute
for a minute i remember
somebody singh?
i was somebody singh from rangipur
i had a baby elephant
i was a sikh
i was killed in a skirmish with the british invaders
i had a wife and daughters then too
no says the night
what is your real name?
i dunno
what do you want? i ask midnight
you always know what i want steve
says the daerkness
between my ears the tinnitus sings
like fripps loops
stretches out forever before me
the tinnitus whilstles every song i ever bashed out
every guitar lick n cymbal crash faithfully recorded
playin’ back forever
no battery needed
dont be surprised if i dont hear
the whole city screaming out for help
cars skid down dark deserted beach road
shady shadowy figures meet in dark places
rain increasingly heavy
a night for strange stuff to happen says the night
are you ready for it?
nah, not really i say
im gonna go to bed soon….
so…….says the blackness
the stars snigger
so what they ask in voices like frosting
what would you know what its like to be me i ask them
the silence resumes
rain patter pitta
clock tick tock ad hoc
alone in this midnite blue
my kitchen feels cosy
you dont keep us out that easy
say the nocturnal voices
the fledglings are getting soaked out there
i take a slug of grape juice
another hit of m. honey +10
sugars hit my system
my body that does stuff of its own accord
holding me down somehow
it really is the flesh that needs suppressing
its a suit n tie
but you gotta take good care of it
you gotta establish union
the night raps on the window again
you fool
it says
its already morning
things are already changing
the honey is making you crave it more and more
can you just eat it like this spoonful on spoonful
no restraint says the night outside changing
into morning
rose grape juice
its fuel
ready for potentiation
no no says the night
sleepy sleepy
dreamy dreamy
see you in your dreams

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