posted on April 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm


unbound from the spectral chain ganged ghosts

wandering from Moravia to Peru unleashed upon world

after world i fell through the cracked iced night night

landing in tangled debris by the shore

i am forced by some hand to continue to write

forced by some mind to continue to dream

but my inexplicable dreams becoming more real

my real now has become then somehow

i mean i’m dreaming of you out there somewhere now

sailors of lent who carry me across these memorised seas

the season for we wait for will never it come

the reason we fought in the ether neither none of us knows

we dream of a morning covered in tears on a web of silver sphered screen

my identity is lost amongst the scrimmage and scram

my helium like mind rises upwards in my skull and i almost get away

out through that hole in my brain box i wanted to go

thank you for your patronage i remain humbly your clown

oh and send it out to all the dim stars in this town

your scrupulous fasting as hunger strikes deep always slow

i honour the statue you had made for me with the dripping crown

i loved my Ida down

the blast or the hook or the barb or the thorn

the mast or the book or the lying little lamb

no one feels this stuff like i am




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