posted on May 15, 2011 at 5:45 pm

as the night begins for one

black pull of the past

persuasive fickle chance

things at their very source

sub-atomic yearning for union

electric impulse and flow

the chemical necessity that all things endure

time which both nurtures and destroys

the organic quality of thought

luck plays a part

relative space and space untouched by time

nebulous forces of what we call destiny

that we are fated to be and that we are fated to not be

distant planets move and we falter on our paths

some die some born

some grow some wither

no one can take everything into account

god or the lack of one

precipitation in foreign lands

sudden glitches in reality

if impossible things happen

laws broken

sometimes science is wrong

melancholy of sunday

unexplainable not inexplicable

needing something you cannot name

wanting something you have forgotten

saying something you never expected

remembering something that you never did

regretting an opportunity that you never had

life you can only live

you cant have it

you cant touch it

you cant keep it

life meanders on like a river through sunday

life languishes there yet slipping through all our fingers

life like love

crucial essential so easily lost so easily squandered

changeable mercurial inflammable


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