posted on June 5, 2006 at 4:03 pm

hiya fiendish ones
im having a badde day here in stock home
this is my 2nd attempt at writing to ya today
i wrote a long bloggy at ellis until suddenly
the computer over fucking heated
and hey presto my bloggy vanished into the ether
i swearing in swedish n english
elli running round half scared half laughing
i lie down on the floor groaning
daddy you should blah blah and attach and blah
and save and blah
i look up into her beautiful face
she massages my shoulders gently
do you want some calming tea daddy
calming tea?
i fume n rant n rave
ok ok
i say
im gonna go swimming
good idea daddy
swim all that anger off

ok now im getting really worried
i DID just try n save this
and it told me
in swedish
that the page cannot be found
so now what?
the pools were all closed
cos tomorrows a holiday
(so howcome theyre closed today?????)
i walk to all the pools
fuming all the way
but theyre closed
now do any of ya know about the 3 doshas
the doshas in hindu/vedic medicine
are like the 3 types
everybodies a mixture of the 3 types
vata….wiry, mercurial
kapha calm, slow
pitta, hot, angry
im pure pitta
i got the pitta hair type
i got the pitta face n teeth type
im at a pitta stage of my life
the upside of pitta is ambition, energy
the downside is anger
i get so angry
i get so fucking beside myself
i use up weeks of energy in one explosive blast
so the pools being closed gets me really going
you motherfuckers im yelling against a closed door
let me in
i need to swim
i gotta work this off in cold water
ah….for an hour at my beloved icebergs
then i walked all round stockholm looking for a plug
so i can use my computer, ipod speakers etc
they look at me blankly like im a moron
australian to swedish…grins one shop asst
after another

now im getting
“can not connect to…test connexion now”
just great
more anger
where is the calm sage of a few days ago
gone up in a cloud of anger n frustration
i can quote the gita till the sacred cows come home
but when i lose mah bloggy
when the pools are closed
i fucken do my block
some pathetic little prick gives us another mediocre review
more anger
yeahh yeah andrew mueller
or mule for short
yeah we were so ordinary at the borderline, werent we?
i bet the stuff you do at home on yer computer is so great
it shoulda been you up there, shouldnt it?
you know how to do it better than us dontcha
and the audience musta been idiots for liking it as well
yeah sure
people ll be reading yer reviews for years to come
and bon bon
you can write whatever you fucking well like me old fruit
im sure theres a million arty rationales why
it was a brilliant cardboard box
but to me
i say
the emperor has no clothes on
art is sposed to resonate somewhere in ya
theres good art
theres bad art
and theres BULLSHIT
the cardboard box was BULLSHIT olde son
either that
or every guy workin in the post office is picasso
i dunno
i dont care about the concept behind it
john cages 5 minutes of silence
is the same as any other 5 minutes of silence
and a box is a box is a box
thats how i see it
yer entitled to yer p o v
but i reckon yer deluding thy goode selfe
im calmed down a little
i am a pitta type
and im prone to rage
im sorry
you guys are my therapy
i wrote ya a real good bologg about sweden
but it all went to magnetic heaven
so maybe i’ll try again tomorrow
i love ya fiendss
but watch out when im thwarted
i become a madman
it was a relief to geddit all off my chest
its about 6 30 here in stocko
i gotta reconnect with my twillies
dont worry about elli
shes seen it all before
shes a brave and beautiful flicka
and i love her so much
her sis aint too badde either
musta got it off their mum
cos i cant stand myself whenever i get like this
is this my lesson to learn?
to be thwarted n remain calm…?
i let it all hang out for ya here
so i hope i havent ruined your day as well
behave yerselves
its only 15 here too , gareth
must say im a lil disappointed in the weather
i loves ya
i needs ya
will this missive even make it to the site
bye bye bye
s k

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