posted on December 28, 2010 at 8:30 pm

macbeth in bondi

roll across hill roll across dale

a free spirit at christmas tidings

the unexpected thump of  exiting chemical ooze

the languid days under grey haze

the night creeps in so stealthily

i hardly notice i’m drifting downstream

all the people have gone again

evening brings nostalgia growing up a column

light is saturated bright yellow and flaring with doubt

crimson ranges overlapped

the blues are anchored in the edges in the margins

at first the white discolouration appears to mimic some beast

it blossoms into some insolent nude crouching in amongst the darkest flowers

she seems to smile before we realise we are looking at a cloud

a bird flies across it like a rent in the fabric

the audience comes to an end

we are all dismissed we must disperse at once

out i go into a world a steel coloured blur

where are the fountains where are the statues

surely zeus has intervened

the thunderer is woken in fury

while his cow eyed wife meddles here on earth

it feels like the weather is fading into nothing

a black drip runs down the nights page

creamy shot of slim milk

sudden taste of alkaline vanilla

a murmuring sound like distant monks

i wake up kissing a mask

holding on to a bottle of holy green water from the red sea

the roller glides over wet paper waves

sea weed presses down alright impressing the painted currents

the cellophane fires crackle under harsh theatre lighting

our lines are all mixed up

i appear to be speaking your part sometimes

my costume has been bathed in some water based light

i am camouflaged against background all freshly hung in strips

i leaf through a book of trees

i choose the wrong trap door

everything that happens is encoded in information

a face at a window a voice down a line

my time has expired on the screen

my credit is not sufficient to be of any use to me now

talking to girls look like its fifty years ago

like they sitting in some washed out past

while i hang in the black future

dotted by foam like stars

viridian lines move in ripples through your island mind

the peninsula ends in a bay full of vicious fish

the river brackish in its sluggish tug

the rotting hulk of a horizon decays in the absorbed impressions

a really symbolist moment complete with a slight bleachy halo

i watch a landscape form in convulsions

i touch the limited edition flesh and shrub rubbed up my place

its verdant after all that rain

the debris glitters in sparkling gutters

argent flotsam

jetsam golden

the toys now come alive in the shops

as i crawl into bed

already asleep

dreaming up the dying days of this year

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