posted on October 31, 2008 at 8:11 pm

what if
what if?
what if?!
this is the truth
i stand before a mirror which offers no reflection
all souls night
the dead have been loosed from the cloying earth
and unspeakable monsters lurk in the darkness
the hot city is enveloped by an unclean night
and i hurry on my way down down down
voices call my name
peripheral things are glimpsed
and gone forever
the air is thick with accusations
we wait for rain that never comes
we pay off bills that are never paid off
we struggle and we survive somehow
who am i?
nobody really
just someone telling his tale
just one of six million stories in the naked city
john smith
no connections
no glamour holidays in gated timeshare @ s.e. asia
no chance to get out of my whole
just another bloody punter like you mate
victim of a swindle
no pros only cons
i slide along under the radar
i get by
what do you want?
i can play a song
i can dig a grave
other types of work and services
i go off to war and i shoot enemies
i stay home and ward off friends
i got a nice mansuit
dont i look good?
almost seemless
the latest style somewhere….but not here
our poor old mum used to read me a poem about the shark
now i got my own hooks
now i got my own tackle
now i know which way the wind blows
and why cats scream in the dark
and the black water where there is no light
i deal with vipers
i deal with vermin
i deal with both my eyes wide open
slicing out cards from all 3 decks
youre so pleased to see me ….if i’m on your side
you aint pleased to see me if i’m not
i dont need a costume
i dont need a fancy name
i dont need an excuse or any drawn out story
sir, you purchase my time and make no mistake
and payment may take many forms
and i am versatile
and arrangements may be made
but to forfeit …..ah!………
and who let loose the night
and who dressed it in such fine n splendid mockery
and who taught it to sink down like a melted bubble
the alleyways and empty thinktanks
the thorny gardens with their broken fences
the tunnels into the ground
the swans above the clouds, my friend
they can leave
they can leave here but not you or i
grimy black chains holding us back
railroad fumes and radio spirits
the money talking just round the corner
sure fire things
one last clean up
a new mansuit
who’d ever know it was me…?
but you
you know me
you know me pretty good
and thats a shame
coz now…..
well nothing personal…
its just that…
this body aint big enough for the both of us
and it aint me whos gonna leave

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