posted on April 10, 2016 at 2:33 pm
bus bouy

bus bouy

yeah after a 14 hour flight with the most fucking screamiest kid in the world

the church hit the USA runnin’ up that hill

we play in dallas oh baby and get standing ov(ul)ations before we even start

wow those texans and all that lovely mexican food

man guaca fuckin mole man yeah i cannae getta nuff

we do tonite a festival in san antoine

and the guys from the flaming lips say they like us wow

the lips put on an incredibleshow

i say to haugie howdja compete with that?

so now its 1129 my little pigs

and we drive for 12 hours now to get to nyorleens

a very cool rasta geeza blows me out with his hash pen

mexican girls say they love the church to me on the street

boy I’m rocking reeling feeling alright y’all fuck hey

I’m a two bit fuckin roxstah and I’m in the USA

i maybe 61 but oh baby am i havin fun?


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