posted on December 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm


in immediate swing the consul large

the man in charge

enduring the hewn muscled cliff

a bronze age tin

the cruellest clown in eiderdown cloud

beasts snort fogbound

nervous master without a rein

negotiate a mist in vein

the sea swells within its shell

the air comes crashing out of sky

birds fall screaming upon spears

gabriel grapples with some fabled horror

in the pit of earths stomach is a hole

and it has been mind of all anger

and the steam of souls rises

the wicked ones effulgence

the tricky devils cloak of us

everything is going backwards we never reach the end

you haunt my reveries before we meet

in a city full of strangers nobody knows why

tree of good and evil fruit

eat of its rotten sweetnesses

it was destined to be

after romas christ and rodins jehovah

after the flood of blood and the trail of tears

unquestioningly we idiots serve these fat kings

riding their pigs in avenues of mud in ostentatious rags

his majesty hog and his wife queen jackal

and his excellency dog

and his eminence worm

and his high judge buzzard

and his bishop of crack

a hundred miles galilee shines in diamond distance

i offer you solace i travel alone

and morning is upon us with all of its flaws

nothing i say ever makes sense until ten years hence

as if i had had answered questions still yet unasked

as if i had glimpsed emperor money unmasked




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