posted on November 30, 2005 at 10:38 pm

no lecture on thors exploits in the norse pantheon
for you today
whats occuring on olde sks crowded schedule today, my thrillseekers
meeting with pope (check)
conference with pm on third world debt(check)
conference with gg on 2nd world lack of choich cds ( check)
conference with mwp on 1st class lack of string rehearskals (no check)
conference with nk on my list of conferences (choc)
summit meeting with members of jet and veronicas on the role of surrealism
in modern rock lyrics and the use of allusive blah blahs
in the construction of something i heard once on a akka dakka thing
(indefinitely postponed, im afraid)
seems the boys would rather snort angelfruit on their caribbean tax haven
than discuss petacostal hexameter
oh dear
so the pools closed today…for cleaning
ole sk hanging out for his endorphin fix
all twitchy my monsters
wish i could hire a little man to run around for me
then when he gets back , hook im up somehow
and drain ‘is endorphs
and float thru the daze on a sea of feel good but NATURAL chemicals
oh sk, dream on, ole boy
youre gonna have to do yer own runnin for a while yet….
was down at fbi headquarters last nite
with timbo p ( how do ya pronounce his last name, anyway?)
so many interviews
ole sk just saying any ole thing by this stage
whatever you like
sure sure
thats right
oh yeah weve released 54 cds
and we called the band the choich
cos that was the name of ploogys cat at the time
you get the picture dontcha?

funny how i love to talk about myself
and i also fucking hate it at the same time
a little voice in my head going
oh no here goes that ego again

heart versus ego

i woulda laughed once upon a time
right in ya pretty face, my blog addicted fiend

but its true
theres this ego that knows nothing
and a heart who knows everything
but ( a metaphor for mankind, perhaps)
that ignorant ego has been calling all the shots
creating messes for the heart to clean up
ruining songs and paintings
even forcing me to sing in a silly cod david bowie accent on our first records
and generally running amok
BUT, my wallies
YES, BUT, my tiny amoebae
the heart is fighting back
so if ya think ole sks voice is a little more dulcet these days
if ya think his steely grey eyes are a little more kind
if ya think my clothes are a little whiter
if ya think my lyrics are slightly more perfect and excellent than before
you need to thank my little heart
battling for years against a talentless egomaniac self obsessed dicktater
EGO hey sk lets write a song called maybe these boys
HEART no sk dont do….THUMP!!
EGO where was i…an’ when ya finished that
lets score some coke an’…
HEART (somewhat muffled) no sk , use yer massive clout to help
some other strugglin’ musos to reach your dizzy heights and WALLOP
EGO its me or him, sk
SK ok its him
EGO what? but i got you on the duran duran tour……!!!!!!!

anyway, its 10 10 here in sydney
and im playing here to morrow nite
cant deny hometown gigs important to me
i love this town despite its vicious criminal underbelly
despite its lawlessness
its murders
its pollution
its traffic jams
its greediness
its corruption
ah sydney embrace me in your grimy bloodstained arms
and grant me SUCCESS
i also love melbourne
and parts of putney

melbourne is a great place
i shoulda lived there all along
thyre a bit more “arty” there
i guess cos they aint got syddleys magnifo beaches
with our suntanned perfect abs
and botox up the wazoo

enuff ramblings, my lamb noisettes
thatll do ya fer today
or itll make ya sick
see yer tomorrow nite
anyone who mentions this blog
will receive a free copy of nick wards solo album
and a choich tea cosy
(see illustration of tim on emd for de tails)

i love you all so very very much
s k

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