posted on November 11, 2014 at 9:35 pm


yeah i wrote my mem-wahs people

it aint no hi-brow read believe me

ive been going round australia doing readings

and its been going rather well im quite chuffed

reading a chapter here and there answering questions

doing a few tunes

in qld had the pleasure n honour to be interviewed by robert forster

he seemed to like my book

it is candid and it is honest

its like …conversational..

it is not war and fucking peace

its easy

a page turner some have said

a lot of funny stuff

a lot of philosophical stuff too

a moral

an arc

a story emerges i guess

have i merely imposed meaning on the random chaotic events of my life ?

so the readings were a lot of fun

i got to meet a lot of people

sign loads and loads of books

my publishing company is very cool i like them

they put me up in hiltons every night

i did loads of interviews

i made em all smile

now someone is even interested in making a film of it all

the beat surely goes on

people liking my book and my record

i find a temporary oasis of acceptance

my struggle abates

i lay down my weary tune

dolphin street days are here

gigs on all horizons

a sense of satisfaction

i move out of the past

i shed my old skins

i relinquish regrets

here are my lives

for you

to peruse

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