posted on February 9, 2007 at 7:50 pm

dont make me sick….
oh god do we still have deluded corpse eaters here
or are they just baiting their betters
yeah yeah
eating meats great
go ahead
if you feel like it
if that fucking dead thing turns you on
if swallowing bits of a cadaver turns you on baby
but remember its dead
and remember dont trust me
cos i shot smack
that means i couldnt havent any possible idea of ethics or morals
cos i shot smack
and im the pseudo-spiritual pied piper of oz
or the wizard of hamelin with an aphorism for every occaision
but still i must have something you thought you wanted
cos youre reading my blogge
and i aint reading yours, meaty men n women
im sorry
but this is my blogge
and this is my conviction
eating meat is perhaps the most obscene thing an enlightened human can do
in my opinion that is
and puh-leese
as someone pointed out
hitler was NOT a vegetarian
but george bernard shaw was
and he said that
humanity will never, can never
have compassion for itself
while it eats animals
and cmon folks
we aint talking a deer in a forest n a bow n arrow
we aint talking a hunter who understands n respects his quarry
we’re talking about the systematic horrific mutilation of a million beasts every day
now if you read all that stuff about the pigs having their teeth tusks hooves
just yanked off with no anaesthetic…
if yer down with the cages in the constant light
no room whatsoever
knee deep in their own excrement
they are packed in so deep that sometimes when one dies
it takes a while for anyone to notice
these creatures
these intelligent creatures
are given a concentration camp life
and the pain fear n anxiety are the only facts of their lives
if you read that
if you understand it
n imagine it a little
go on
the hideous crowd pressed against you
never seen the sky
never moved
force fed chemicals
the pain of those clippers going in your mouth
why youre only a baby after all
what you really hoped for from this world was
the warmth of your mother n your siblings
the right of all creartures
the sky the sun the moon
the warmth of summer
the coldness of winter
to forage in the grass
or roll in the mud
but no no
a human has hold of you
and you squeal to let him know
that youre scared
and you squeal out to your mother
and she hears you but she cant move
and shes so beaten n broken n SAD
this is just one more fucking horror
in the nightmare of her life
so you squeal but the human holds you down
and he reaches into your mouth with something
and he rips tooth by tooth by tooth
including your gums n bits of your tongue
i mean he aint being too careful with this little piggy
this innocent sentient little piggy
and let me tell ya
ive had one rotten tooth pulled out
and i was on intravenous valium
and heroin n pot
and i had a local anaesthetic
and i had a top notch jewish dentist
doing it as fucking carefully as he could
and let me tell ya
but back to our little piggy
who by the way
can hear all his little piggy bros n sisters being de teethed at the same time
and that human he just wrestles little piggy down
and youre screaming and your mouth is full of blood
and your ears are full of screaming and machinery
and 2 smells
the smell of the pigs fear
and the smell of the humans who go about their work
and when you think about it
nature prepares us for all kinds of pain
but i doubt that nature ever thought that
one of her creatures would pull another ones teeth all out
and the pain is quite unimaginable
yes it is
and then they take the hooves too
and sometimes the ears n tails
i imagine having your tail cut off is quite unendurable as well
now when you out there
you who im writing this for
is imagining this
putting a little bit of commitment into picturing
or even feeling this horror
if after all that
you still think
bring on my pork
why dontcha go away
if you subscribed
please write a comment
finishing with
“… and thats why i think
eating meat is groovy and
fuck little piggies pain!”
and i’ll make sure i use yer subscription
to buy a nut-cutlet
so look
just go away
go on
i dont like you

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