posted on January 22, 2011 at 8:01 pm

aye eye i

go to the optometrists to get some new glasses

the bad news

1. joe the optometrist died a year ago and i didnt know

he was a bit of a friend being a fan of david lane i’d met him heaps of times

i was quite shocked and i kept crying thru my eye exam

2. i have a cataract in my right eye due to the damage i did it with the cork

jesus life seems in the raw sometimes

i walk home

bondi looks the same but different

the cheerful veneer lifted

it seems cold and hard and merciless

it wont care when i am finally gone i realise

anyway i had a nice swim n did me yoga n no naughty drugs

i spoke to my girls in sweden for the last time before they come home

monday night i cant wait yet its also the end of my freedom

of course i didnt get anything done that i thought i would

ive just procrastinated

a whole lot

and then some ….

still its saturday night n some ninny across the road

has got the worst doof doof music BLARING out

n i already wanna go to bed n sleep

ha ha

not with this FUCKING RACKET!

thats life

thats love

thats the time being baby

see ya soon!

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