posted on November 25, 2005 at 6:08 am

katoomba baby
sold out
1st 3 nights sold out
ole sks ego not gonna fit thru the front door at this rate
ah my dumplings
the glamour of it all
the dizzy heights of fame
the plunging neckline of disaster
well my frogs
did some intavus with some very straight people
i surprised myself by not getting angry
judy right centa
nice gig, you fiends
shame bout the boom boom boom
coming up thru the floorboards
like the ghost of some horrible thing
why do they like that stuff….indeed?
any how after much fuckin malarkey
(eg the manager tellin em to turn it off, then they did till he came upstairs
then …ha ha….they turn it back on)
ive always hated disco my lambs
heaven knows its true
so i was becoming incensed when this moronic racket threatened
to intrude and rain on the choiches parade
the gig itself was ok
the audience were lovely
i turned into some end of the pier comedian
everyone had a goooode time
we are pretty good i guess (so modestly, my readers)
had me questionaire in the metro
oh i am so funny
a bit of a media blitz
ive done 20 interviews and more to come
never mind my special ones
for you are my new obsession
to you and you only shall i spill my beans
my favourite colour
the kind of girls i like
the kind of bouys i like
what i look for in a sound
anecdotes about my working class childhood
and my emergence as one of the most brilliant songwriters
ever to emerge from dapto
insights on obese children
balance sheets
tips on using iridescent pastels as electricity saving devices
sending tubes to ohio
scarlet bigger, even after 2 days
buying chez kilbey a karoake machine for exmas
essential stuff my dormice
my little lovely kilbettes
my baby stevedores
oh yes
this is where you experience the head on rush collision
of surrealistic devices and pleas for clemency
sue c is here now
shes says hello
there you go
do yerselves a favour
get hooked on this site
then when i start to charge youll have to pay
itll be withdrawals otherwise, my small beasts
shes in my poem, droogies
oh yeah
soundcheck looming now
people critising my typing ability
but for gods sake
im a fuckin genius at
painting walls
playing hookey
getting results
navigating the straits of magellen
cant talk and type, sue
at the same thyme
katoomba reminds me of sweden a little
warm and overcast
lovely little venue
oh theyll scream tonite
when ole sk dons his make up and exorbitant dress
when i tread those boards telling gags
and singing my good ole songs
like the real fuckin trooper i have always been
so thats it for now my wild turkeys
i remain
your humble genius
your youthful ancient iconic monument to something
you thought of once in a while
before they took away your mind
i love you

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