posted on December 14, 2010 at 7:08 pm

childhoods end

the coast

the drive

the sea

the sky

i hurtle along the highway

i stop under some shady tree

stand at the lookout

i climb up the hill

i buy more coffee

i pull over to have a rest

a motel in the darkness

nestle among treetops

night reverses into morning

big parrots in a tiny cage

beyond the trees a graveyard

beyond the graveyard the sea

beyond the sea is some other country

and beyond that some other earth

i miss the turn and i got lost

awareness undulates with reality

nothing is fixed

i am revealed to be many

the many are revealed to be i

but who who are you dear reader

because you make me always write these words

the coast is yellow sand and green sea

there is a market on the rocks

yes yes buy these very good quality says a lady

i buy some cheap socks 2 dollar a pair

or a dollar each i guess

the sun comes out the clouds blow up

the highway leads away

the dappled light of an afternoon already gone

remember this i said to the reader

remember this i say again

as time rushes pass the car and the afternoon of dappled light

sunday makes me sad

going back to school tomorrow feeling i can never shake

its all over feeling

its gonna be a long long time feeling

the day fled into the wings

the wings flapped somewhere over the rainbow

the rainbow appeared in the black whole that blue

the traffic increased

the signs became more frequent

everything changed

back to normal

stranger still

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