posted on December 7, 2008 at 7:24 pm

aw i’m getting old n cold
i’m slipping out of the charts
i cant pull a crowd
i cant take a fucking trick
where am i going wrong?
i got nothing
no authority
no sell-a-bility
no presence
no profile
no mojo
no oooomph
muddling along
everyone switching off
like lights in a city at dawn
the more i try to prevent it
the faster it happens
a losing streak
like a poker game where i cant even get a pear
i sit n stare at my cluttered desk
a packet of nag champa
it says warning
gee i hate grammatical n spelling mistakes
on packets, menus, billboards etc
like in a cafe a sign says : smokers this isle only
a sign at ice bergs : swimming conditions idyll
at least that got me outta my funk
i mean
complaining about your falling ratings
dont help the ratings go up
its like waving your hands about
as you go down in the quicksand
(and i aint got the power, anymore)
its hard when things go wrong
but you never learn anything if you just win
except how to be a good winner (but most never do)
winning is just there
as a contrast to losing
cos you gotta play every part
some people seem to never lose
but you dont know what goes on in their hearts
today doing an interview w/some guys in here
will have to clean it up….sigh….
have lists of things to do
mundane troublesome things
this n that
figure out how im gonna do it
knuckle down, knucklehead
get humble , numbskull
apply some elbowgrease (yuck)
put on yer thinking cap (makes me look silly)
pull up yer socks (the elastics a bit stretched)
turn over a new leaf ( i need a new tree)
smell the roses (an aphid bit me)
pull yourself together (mr humphries)
the show must go on
and on
and on
i once said to a colleague
you think youre right
and the rest of the world is wrong!
he said I AM !
and oh
for that kind of naked belief
because i’m floundering around here
in this sea of nescience
sick of all my dips
dismayed that the hoi polloi
cant dig my groovy trip
surrounded by philistines
n phools
pressure pushing down on me
pushing down on me
so hard
casting swine as pearls
getting it all mixed up
a right old jumble
woe is me alas alack boo hoo
maybe thatll knock me back up the charts
a mercy read
an open letter to the universe:
i’m ready to roll a double six

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