posted on February 16, 2009 at 7:46 pm

and it walked on down the hall
oh jimbo i miss you
if i could only be half as dionysian as you
but jesus
it killed you
so i just content myself painting pictures
and writing catchy little songs that the kids’ll love
i slip in arcane references for those in the no
i slip in puddles as i rush my girls thru the rain
scarlet kilbey comes in n lies down on some pillows
i blasting marquee moon
she doesnt wake up till i accidentally kick her
im painting a pic of barry obama
im quite taken with his handsome honest good looks
i cant believe we got ourselves a decent geezer at the helm
who woulda thunk it?
i heard hes gonna invite me to the not so white anymore house
to jam in the ovally office
yeah dream on sailor on the seas of fate
i do some long interview with donald on 4ZZZ in brissie
we discussed everything including the dreaded gear
and my advice to absolute beginners in show biz
(fuck off! its already too crowded)
i started swearing towards the end
but i guess they can leave it in
weather is strange here
rain sun wind rain
i say we should drop sharks on the fucking bushfires
kill 2 birds with one stone
and afterwards therell be roast flake for the locals
actually doing a benny fit for fires on 24th feb in glebie
at word in hand
actually the whole bushfire thing is tragic n numbing
it takes a lot to jerk a tear outta my cynical old eye
but this does it everytime
ok kilbey just think yourself lucky
and such beautiful towns that damned fire took…
im not much one for burning whiches at the steak
but i think mr firefuckingbug should feel the heat
what an evil nasty creature….n what do ya do with em?
meanwhile in sydney
at town hall station
some nasty doggies bale up our mr ricky
and snifter him for druggie wuggies
but guess what
serenity and poverty
rendered our mr ricky cleaner than clean
and those dopey dawgies schniffed our hero in vain
but nice use of police resources
err hey fellas
(cliche following )
our mr ricky will be joining me n others
in perf
oh perf
capital of um west(ern) aust(ralia)
not the one in scotch-land
and its got its twin city freo
which is yonder n very groovy (some say)
when my mum n dad migrated here
when i was a tiny sweet lad
the first place they came to was fremantle
and there was a sign which was advertising
a certain brand of insecticide (flick)
and the sign said
but some naughty wag had joined up the L and the I
rendering it somewhat changed
my dad told me later
when he saw that
that he thought he would enjoy australia after all…
david neils album is almost wrapped but for one track
and some minor fixes
mutton kennedy sends me some more k/k new stuff
which is very very nice
i have a long talk to miranda kilbey on the phone
ah boys……
shes got one of them boyfriends that cant express his feelings
he dont know what he wants
and shes quite flummoxed
(if a swede can be flummoxed…i know turnips can)
how can some oaf be treating my daughter like that?
oh true love never runs smooth
i know because i heard gene pitney sing that in 1963
and i aint ever forgotten
the things you hear in a song
stay with ya longer than any other kinda things
fucking hell i got marco bolan going round n round constantly
guy on 4zzz says who would ya have to dinner, any 7 ya like?
i says bolan bowie jesus buddha lennon
he says ya got 2 more
i say
i reckon those guys would be enough
oh yeah i’d have mr ricky there too
for moral support
and make sure buddha washed up his plates afterwards
i got one more pick
and theres no women there yet so
ok its outta dannniii min-ogre and a veronica
gosh its hard to have a dinner party isnt it?
maybe i should invite ann boleyn pre cut
or a sybil from the olde days
or take medusa up to the reptile park
or enter pegasus in the bleedin’ melbourne cup
can you really imagine some weird dead famous types
sitting round at some tossers dinner party
imagine serving jesus some guacamole
(what the hell is this? (in hebrew))
imagine playing buddha the new U2 record
(what a ponce!(in pali))
i’m just trying to scrape together the price of a sandwhich
and get mahself a cup of cawfee
i’m on a street corner in the snow
i’m in an alley in l.a.
i’m hanging out in badlands nevada
i’m down n out in cork or in boston
i’m at the naughty old mans home in west ur
i’m a foolish git with a dirty laptop
broadcasting n narrowcasting my vile bilge
all over the into-net
i am i am i am
hey its garbage day in n bondi
so it cant be all dull
someone next door has (been) moved out in a hurry
and the entire contents of their place sits in the rain
notice boards with photos
scateboards and boxes of xmas decorations
socks n undies n sad reminders
i wonder what happened
the inevitable pickers pick at it
and soon the discarded memories are blowing round the streets
aint life sad?
it can be

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