posted on April 28, 2013 at 10:02 pm
absurdist mathematic

absurdist mathematic

on the day they unchained song

the earth in rebellion shook its lakes and seas

and a rainbow formed in the air signifying a truce like vapour

the sky trembled in its vault almost unhinged from its great hook

and creatures wriggled in dark fjords that go so deep into us yet

a song strode through the world for the first time

the first ever song with doubtless its words of love and praise

in sanskrit maybe or some unknown african tongue

words appear in the singers mind as though from a wellspring on high

the song cant go where it doesnt belong

not on desolate cliff tops where wind hammers hard

or in sleazy old streets with brothel or bazaar

song of kings king of songs

you produce a night to fall in love

you produce the softest women and hardest drugs

you stud the firmament with sapphire flashed starred points

but youre never still you never linger for long

a travelling song you walk through the forests

a quickening song you live in the air

song to be whispered in tiniest of ears

song sung by cats and by distant dark birds

song on the cusp of the dream in the night

the night after the day they unchained song

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