posted on July 15, 2006 at 9:22 pm

last minute stuffing stuff into eyetunes
guess while i got the olde lapptopp turned on
might as well type in a blogg from the frontline
we are the vanguard
we are at the edge of a fork in the road
the darkness of barbarism to one side
and the light that my blogg could shine on this earthy earth
yes but i need that number one slot
and the guy in number one is pulling 33 thousand per period
and im pulling 2 thousand n something
so fiendss we need some serious recruiting
and have ya read what im up against…
yes theres a spanking diary with pictures of botties
pre spank, during spank, after spank
comment deleted by author
i mean
i gotta have some good poetry to up against smacked bums, right?
and gay naked man in new york
how am i gonna snatch this blokes readership?
and do i wanna really havem?
and the girl with the (gulp) sexual urges
how can i go up against her famous urges with a diatribe against meat?
ive got rants while shes got no pants….!!??
anyway theres a couple of foreign language bloggs
i gotta just by pass them all together
or learn slovenien or whatever they are in
i bet they dont have much about dope smokin’ or bass in them tho
yeah sk , youve got some real burning issues here dontcha?
but you know the greatness will only come when im truly # 1
check out the dude at #1
and tell me fiendsss
do i have a shott?
can i knock the king off his throne
i think i can
i think i can
i think i can
oh excuse me
just some positive affirmations

anyway yess
today at 13 45 i leave fior the u.s.
needless to say i’ll be yr manne on the ground there
leading you thru the hilarious adventures
when a buncha olde rockers do a big tour of the u.s.
see ya there fiendss

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