posted on May 28, 2009 at 6:56 am

the dead here
the dead see
dead calm
dead of winter
out of the pink sky
in a better universe
nectarine by gb3 is number one
lovers all over the double globe
the very sound of something coming on
something strong
something washing you away
something taking you with it
that lovely reverb drenched chorus of female ahs
we come to the climactic chord
we anticipate its orgasmic thrust
a slight ostinato klunk a micro second
and then all heaven breaks loose
oh it hurts…..nectarine….sings the gb3
and the guitars fizzle n crackle n sparkle and burn out
and the music is so simple
and it hurts…nectarine
the drums pound like your runaway heart
your heart as you lash out blindly at the fruity world
you struggle in a barrel full of peaches
you swim thru a sea of honey still breathing it in
youre a big fat worm boring into the teachers apple
youre a love child of the high priestess and the gardener
electric guitars
howcome only glenn bennie can play like that
what does he do to supercharge this simple stuff with such love
gooey teenage heartbreaking love you all
now youre crushed…baby whats the rush sings the voice
and you just wanna hear that song
and they say adam sang that song to eve
and the cherubim burned and hovered
and the fruit was heavy on the vine
and phil spector appeared
shooting at his wall of sound
be my be my baby
be my little baby
as it hits the inevitable minor chord
a million superstars finger their guitars
overdosing live on stage
tripping out on that lingering distorted blast
the drums fucking pound on regardless
the bass is a regulated squirt of speed
it remains behind mopping up stragglers
the bass niggles away insistently rubbery and black
and it hurts ….nectarine…..
the song plays for the 3rd time
the parallel universe with the best taste in classic pop is vibratin’
you never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips
the sun aint gonna shine anymore
and it hurts….nectarine…
i hope that jehovah got my uh telegram
and ronnie spectre appears on yer tiny blacknwhite astor screen
dont worry baby everything will turn out alright
on the porch the songs have brought summer
and the kids make out in the darkness
will the wall of sound / crashes all around
heavenly shades of night are falling
i saw her standing there on blackberry way
with the leader of the pack
(down down down)
and let me be yer shelter
and the guitars travel in yer bloodstream if you really love her
and if you could only get yer hands on a guitar
youd show her
youd show everyone
voice in another song : youve forgotten the xylophone
oh yes the xylophone is always twinkling above the song
indicating the fickle incandescent nature of the lyrics crush
twinkling like dumb little stars
reminding you
somewhat obliquely of naked 1950s women in bnw mags
and some new york traffic jam
and times square in the snow in 1954
and phil in-spectre drowns george in reverb
and the drums pound away silently like may even
and the teenage moon blushes pink in the candyland sky
and the cymbals tongue kiss the vu meters into the red
and glenn bennies got all these backwards loops
and snippets of guitar all working against each other
like thoughts that go round in round in yer head
like your underground, lover
like its left you blind
and you rush rush rush rush on by
and you think
the music all turned up in brightness so thats its going into white
and adelita singing hes a thief thief thief thief
and glenns guitar burns up in our atmosphere
and its the way he plays
this man is a pop guitar genius
a creator of dazzling arty-facts
the guy from the sydney morning herald today said
the underground lovers yeah..they never did one bad track!
and everyone nods in agreement
and it hurts….nectarine
and the acoustic guitars strum away like spanish romeo
climbing up the rose bush
and the song shudders to a halt
but i just want to hear it again
its contagious
its addictive
and it hurts…..

not available in this universe for some time

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