posted on July 28, 2006 at 11:29 pm

goodbye austin
hello dallas
we drive n drive thru the 101 degree heat
huge highways choked with traffic
giant trucks n lorries speeding along
stop at a servo
want some turkey jerky?
or a little replica of the decalogue
(the ten commandments)
some olde people (even older than me)
approach us…
youre not from around here, are ya?

last nites gig was a good one
thanks austin
you were bohemian n cool
i dissed the prez
and no one booed
blah blah blah
we were raggedy but energetic
which is better than the reverse
i guess
we were potless tho
potless n bible black
whatever happened to the sixties
(ah they ended 40 years ago you goose)
jesus its not too much to ask… it?
a wee smoke before playin’….?
wanna zan x someone asks…?
no thanks druid
not quite the same thing
thats real drugs
not the god given herbal sacrament…….
you can get guns n fireworks pretty easy tho
maybe i should try lettin off some crackers
before i play
i guess it cant hurt…

so im sitting back here
in the granada theatre
with big bucks burnette
petaluma our merch girl
n rob d
and im writing what i’m writing about
big bucks n i have just invented the “bloggcast”
actually im gonna do an unprecedented thing here
im gonna turn my blogg over to big bucks
whose gonna have a texas word with ya all
so here goes…..

(the next words you read will be bigs bucks)

(Poem For Steve Kilbey)

Some call me a legend
But I’m just a rumor in my own time
I use capital letters
And to kilbey that’s a crime

Been with Willson-Piper
For far too long
But I have to give them credit
They wrote my favorite song

I can’t remember how it went
Can’t recall a single word
It hit my ears, I disappeared
Flew unseen with the birds

And all the buildings disappeared
My feelings came unwound
Another way of being
Was the next thing that I’d found

I circled many planets
But I never left my home
And not unlike Steve Kilbey
My heart was meant to roam

He’s made many, many records
I’ve made seventeen mistakes
I guess all kinds with different minds
Is what this poor world takes

Thank god that I met them
In a decade far away
You won’t believe what my friend Steve
Can do or think or say

He sang Cortez The Killer
With Tom Verlaine on stage
When it comes to what he knows
He’s written every page

If you catch a shadowed glimpse
In the backyard of the night
It’s probably Steven Kilbey
Finding something else to write

He never told us who he is
Or where he’s from or how
If I believe what I believe
He’s here before me now

But then again he’s prone to prose
At length in every nation
His favorite speech of how he seeks
The Next Hallucination

Angels, stars and small guitars
Are in his childhood bedroom
In his brain a choo choo train
Pursues a witch at mid-broom

This fairyland that claims his soul
Casts charm to him eternal
The world responds with yen and yawns
Reward is found internal

In closing I should tell you
He’s paid me now to lie
I’m guilty of professing love
And selling alibis

Goodnight children, kiss you now
Don’t forget to feed the tigers
You’re on your way to holiday
At Steven’s gig in Algiers

Bucks Burnett
July 28, 2006
Granada Theater
Dallas, TX USA Earth Universe 14 Over There
That One There

well there ya go
thats ole’ bucks for ya…
ever the poet
and folks
across the road from this gig
is the place where one night 20 years ago
we wrote nse+w
gee was it really that long ago ???
tonites gig is in a lovely olde cinema
lovely lite show
great sound
texas is cool fiendss
dont believe the hype
the cool guys here are uber cool
cos of the opposing forces of cowboydom
its easy to be a fucking hippy in n bondi
but maybe its a little harder here in some places
things just aint so easy going here
and i can understand n respect that
it coulda been easy….
but it aint
and thats that
texas ah yer myth looms so large
johnny wayne
(real name : marion morrison)
davy crockett
jimmy bowie (no relation!)
zz top
(the one without the beard is frank beard)
buddy holly( early rock tradge)
stevie ray vaughan
willy nelson( love yer pigtails you big sissy)
roky erikson( hes a little nutty i hear)
charlie sexton( oh you pretty thing)
edie brickhel(mrs p simon)
billy preston (rip)
jr(from i dream of jeannie)
i dunno
the lone star state
the moon at night burns big n bright
deep in the heart of texas
we re leaving tomorrow
maybe i’ll never get to come back
if it takes as long as last time
i’ll be 67…
if i even get to 67
thats not a given
dont tempt fate you hubristic olde rocker
you could get electro-cuted tonite on the stage
ya never know when ye olde numbers are up
thats too gloomy for you fun loving blogge fiendss
so i aint gonna bring ya down with talk of my sad demise
(i bet i become huge the day after i drop off my perch)
never mind my grandchildren will live in lux
thats it for today
thanks b b b for the pome
thats to texass for being great audiences
thanks to my manager for letting me breathe
thanks to weather for making it seethe
good buy
turn me on deadman
s the k
a huge gushing thank you
to the dallas contributors to sks timebeing blogge
special jazz war chest
your sacrifice is appreciated

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