posted on March 31, 2011 at 7:05 am

a sleep

me n kids bought voyage of the dawn treader

probably one of the best books in cs lewis’ excellent series

the bad news


as a lewis fan i am disgruntled and disappointed in spades

absolute rubbish

what a shame

some bright spark in the writing dept decided that the book was lacking

what the story needed was an evil  green  mist

because all the stuff in there already wasnt  good enough

so it was green evil mist all the way (with no explanation of what it was)

swirling round every fucking scene

green evil mist

because cs lewis’ books aint racy enough for kids nowadays

they need a green evil mist to keep em interested

there it is swirling in the cheapest stupidest special effect

ruining an already over -effected hopelessly rotten film

not even worth reviewing properly

except saying

pluck out your own eyes rather than watching this rubbish

gee tho that evil green mist


imagine the bible updated with it

it’d be a cracking film the kids love their evil green mist

adam n eve in the garden attacked by the EGM

jesus on the cross  nailed up by the EGM!

the devil in hell surrounded by EGM

i mean its got applications everywhere

sept 11 the true story was the EGM

church at oprah house sucked off by the EGM
the steve killbee biopic …convinced to take ‘eroin by the EGM
re-do lord of the rings n put in more EGM

who killed JR …? the EGM

finish off deadwood finally al swearingen eaten by the EGM

a decent ending for the slopranos tony gunned down by the EGM

who won the fucking tennis today …why the EGM

whose the new singer in REM its EGM

whats charlie sheen snorting oh no the EGM

priest = EGM

under the EGM tonight

sergeant peppers lonely heartsclub EGM

man its incredible

it solves every problem ever known to  man

who offed laura palmer the EGM of course

ok thats enough

go enjoy yer day

and remember

watch out for the

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