posted on November 22, 2006 at 1:25 am

summer arrives finally
82 F in my kitchen
oh dear
falcon is a bit of a boiler
disnae enjoy idling at lights
temper goes thru the roof
i cruise out to botany
the temp gauge goin’ up n down
like the bridesmaids knickers
i praying for redlights to change their mind
ah sweet relief
we open up on the eastern distributor
i got my stereo pumpin’ some ambient something
oh no
another problem i forgot to mention
1st of all
the aircond hates hot days
2nd it only comes out the demister vents onto windowscreen
but hardly makes any diff in ye olde cabin
it was nearly a hundred yessaday out there
i sweltering
open/close window now
turn off/on aircond now
oh well gives me something to do….
then we do gig at san-doe
not so many people
it was ok
the manager of hotel in audience
said play on past the curfew cos he was enjoying himself
whatta lovely manne!!
i dunno
it suddenly occurred to me on stage
that it was the same buncha tunes again
thats my fault not mwps
i was too buzy/lazy to ree-hurse
tut tut tut
if ya wanted to hear how the cherch sounds
when you take away the other 2
i guess you kinda haddit there
i promise 2 learn a few differents for neckst weak
still trying to be all things to all people
sorry if i aint answered yer emails letters cards or packages
im snowed under
im behind
i got people chasin’ me left rite n centre
wheres my fucking portrait you olde swindler/
wheres my bio?
wheres my lyric sheet?
wheres my tax return?
wheres my money?
wheres my invoice?
wheres my gst n my vat n my 666?
wheres my thirteenth flaw n other storeys?
wheres it at?
whats it for?
kilbey, what are you thinking, man?
kilbey, what? are you thinkingman?
kilbey ? what are you? thinking, man!
so thats my nutshell in a life
this blogge is one year olde!
a year in life of timey bee.
almost every day thru thick n thin n thick again
bye bye being
bye bye

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