posted on April 16, 2006 at 11:21 pm

9 19
sunny bondi etc etc
the postcards
the t shirts
the surf boards
the juice bars
the thai restaurants
the tourists
the blow ins
the johnny come latelys
the israelis
the hasidics
the mums n dads
the kiddiwinks
the teenagers
the bag ladies
the hoity toity models
the south american coke dealer types
the shop owners
the hangers on
the main men

yeah bondi

yessaday we have ye olde eggy hunt
for the doodles
doodles dye their eggies n paint em
then we go to ye olde parky warky
nk…keep them doodles bizzy while i hide eggies
big ole daddy promised the doodles 2$ for each eggy found
ok here i go
putting eggies in trees etc
uh oh theres other kidss in the park watching me
they seeing where i hide eggies
when nk unleashes the doodles to find eggies
th’other kids swoop in
they know where they all are
oh no
its all going wrong
just like i sing in that song
that eggy that i hid
that they wanted to find
but all they found were other kids
where the eggies used to be
so we got about 10 boys all aged about 10 to 12
swamping our egg day
evie is beside herself
and storms off
aurora is more enterprising
shes gotta basket fulla eggies
shes already counting up her bux
and picturin the toys she gonna get
nk running round tryin to keep evie interested
ok ok
we gonna have another egg hunt
an auxillary hunt
nk gonna hide em this time
those effing boys watch again
and swoop in to find all eggies
chaos reigns

nk and i play a game called kubb
a swedish game where you throw batons
at wooden blocks
we play against mah bro jlk n his mate matt
this is a very zen game
ole sk has inherited olde joycie bennetts (my mums)
feel for spatial relationships
i musta admit nk no slouch either
we win 2 games
but jlks friend comes good at the end
and we lose the last game
i heartily recommend this game to anyone
its avalable in the us cos someone i know got one
its good for mild exercise
and is great for all ages
(will you listen to me now….)
anyway we finish the game
oh no
what now
aurora is languishing on a bench
lookin like death warmed up
i dont believe it
she got tonsilitis
it comes outta nowhere
her throat all pus-ey
her tonsils swollen up
her face all grey
a temp of a million etc
oh god off to the quacks with her
gee this being a father lark
kinda hard on ya, isnt it
i go home with evie
still grumbling about the eggies
baby bouncer still grumbling
cos nk ran off to doctors without a proper feed
ok i go home
karin calls with elli at the hospital in stockholm
elli on five different painkillers
all hooked up to machines
how are ya darlin?
good comes the weakest of repies
how are feelin
good daddy…im good
elli i know ya not good darlin
yes daddy im very good
i realise shes trying to stop me worrying
daddy i gotta go now
karin tells me ellis had a little bleeding
in her spine
doctors divided if shes needs another operation
i cant believe this is happening
karin sounds so tired and hollow
elli is being so brave n positive…

later that night the orrible cchhru has a meeting
at a thai restaurant in newt town
we get caught up on one thing
round n round n round it goes
sk nods off
its been a long fuckin day bouys
finally at 11 somethin
we end our meeting
i sign 300 copies of ultc
(just what i wanted to do)
go home
fall into bed
have strange dreams
half awake
dreading another call from sweden
no news
good news
get up
baby bouncer lying next to me
waiting quietly for us to all wake up
she gives me such a lovely smile
as i open my eyes
the doodles come running in
aurora proffering her forehead
im better daddy
can you take us swimming?

its another day fiendss
its warm
its good
ya gotta treasure it
ya gotta love ya loved ones
ya gotta be kind n considerate
ha you say
you were rude to me once
backstage at the (fill in gig here)
im sorry
im a grumpy olde bastard sometimes
im human
im gonna try harder
i love you people
who read this
and i appreciate you all
the noisy ones
the silent ones
the pretty ones
(hey i got some pretty girls reading my blogg
look at the pictures)
the regs
the newcomers
ya all welcome here
life too fuckin precarious
for pretending
im gonna try n knock out some good stuff for ya
this week
i got loads on
finishin’ my movie
all kindsa things

see ya round

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