posted on February 7, 2014 at 10:45 pm
not tut

not tut

In gold and splendour

Beaten on wars white hot anvil

Inlayed with bloody rubies and diamond tears

A thousand blacksmiths hammer down down down

We stretch forever unto the horizon which in itself still belongs to us

We go back into the beginning that we have not forgotten

And in Deaths dark realms we have mapped the dimmest lights

Where judgment fails hard in chambers of despair

And walked among the stars disguised as shining beasts

When the black Nile ripples and the forests recede

And crocodiles wearing the robes of priests sit in the temples

And mothers weep and pray for the sun to rise up from Ocean

And Nephilim gather in the darkness of mens daughters minds

Everything from then until now and even more

All of this is ours forever



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