posted on August 30, 2010 at 10:16 pm


tragedy strikes

the fall of rome

falling through the air

onward to earth

a pleasant stupor overtaking us

by the light of luminescent fish

tanked to the gills

the mellifluous flow of the time

one second leads to the next seamlessly

oh fuck my head aches with all this

all this what ? says some insolent bystander

what? i say

youre stupid says someone else

someone i cant see clearly

i pick up a handful of rocks

and chuck them in the general vicinity  of those voices

i hurt behind the shirts n curtains

my dumbness smarts

it really does

inside this poem its all dark and echoey

its all paranoia and intrigue

come let me take you into my interiors

a mirror of the real worlds

it all happens in opposite

unlikely is likely

likely unlikely

crikey mate its not what you think

in my red light room

i slip into the stream

and i accelerate my particles

i finish up beginning

its my night now

i can hear and see new things

you knew things…?  says somebody in earshot

yeah i knew things were wrong

a black path crossed under my ladder

seven bad years of  luck

i go down the esplanade where the lights are dim

i half expect to run into you n him

i cram in a life between the lines

its meanwhile in great britain

i’m not me anymore

i’m some guy i coulda been

instead of left

i’m sitting in this car

i’m speeding down the road in some rainy city

i’m listening to the radio

i’m driving home to the stockbroker belt

i’m got this lovely house

a split level job in sir francis drake of assisi street

gee i got one of those controls makes the garage door go up

i drive into my garage

the door comes down and i walk through a door into the house

instantly a light comes on

i go to the fridge its covered in christmas cards

i pour myself a stiff drink of something

in this life i guess i need a stiff drink after working all day

somebody laughs n says huh!  you havin’ a job ha ha

yeah my job is as a…um i work in an office…

i’m a…..consultant …i guess

i earn 1000 pounds a week

remember this is in the passed

thats a lotta dough

my house is really super

a fabulous stereophonic system

playing the groovy sounds of now

central heating hums on all efficiency

still i’m sick of myself even in this new life

i’m on the run from something

nobodys happy with me

i got bills mounting up

my wife and children they……..

i look out at the swimming pool in the cold rain

not inviting at all

its hardly ever been used

no time for stuff like that

the clock says 6:52

it was a present from a former day saint

reality is all prickly it sits on my shoulders all itchy

suspicion is paramount the phone rings and i jump

its some idiot i owe money to …….fuck

the swimming pool in the rain

the flash motor in the garage

the quiet central heating purrs

but this isnt me ….someone says tho not me

this isnt england some other smart alec says just to ruin things

whats on the television  a documentary film about greenland

too bloody boring shouts that philistine inevitably

i bloody well like stuff about greenland the real kilbey says

i imagine myself self rugged against all that winter

i imagine in sitting in godthaab at a cafe watching winter close in

i put too much time in to imagining this

my boss is mr andrews and he is intimidating

mr andrews first name is andrew

mr suddenly vacant

mr obviously rich

mr kinda cruel

i imagine greenlands and goof off at my job

i consult about uh engineering

you know stress ratios and crack factor four

all that stuff

i took some money to approve something

i said yeah go ahead

its safe i’m sure its safe

but it wasnt safe at all

green land would be safe

turn off the mechanism silence the core

lock down the velocity and settle  back in old albion

i calculate the weight of snow in the night

i imagine greenland thawing in spring

the groovy now sounds of now

all harpsichord and moog synthesizer

the windows of your mind n all that ilk

the central heating dries my eyes a little

oh i shouldnt complain

the building collapsed on the tv

i watched it again n again

i watched it as the rain fell in the swimming pool

stiff drink  ? says steve stiffly

the central heating ssssshhhhhhh

i feel disconnected from anything

no points of reference pin me down

greenland ha are you serious

i watch the building on tv

it goes down

i hear the music

jericho towers


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