posted on November 20, 2010 at 8:19 pm

grace poole

i jumped ship awhile ago tho nobody noticed

i swam to the blooming horizon i ran to the waiting sea

down by the docks they were unloading a mystery

some one said

an angel they dragged from the water

superstitious fools vicious brutes surly oafs

i jostle thru a crowd

i talk to strangers i talk to journeymen

wickedness wildness woman out of wedlock

wedlock bedlock deadlock

deflower devour desire

the bible in a hotel room

i am just another man at last

how the sea laps the shore

how  sure the lie of the land

how lost the losing hand

i look at you who are so strange to me

i see only mask i see only lovely task

i touch the screen i touch the silk scream

my hard luck as for certain now i am ready  again

oh stream thru the night towards thee

follow the signs follow the stars in your sky

follow the tricks follow the under tricks

follow the first fellow you see

my morning is spent in a blue and white scene

my canteen is empty

my carpark is full

my word is mud

my word

my blood

my world




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