posted on November 16, 2011 at 4:48 pm

outcome in

i scratch the surface of this life

fiddle in a puddle i’m all in a muddle

jumbled mumbles i bumble along

the earth is a sphere well leave it here

the sun is a disc the moon is silver hot

and the ones in its shadow troubled deep by the night

i plunge into cold water emitting white steam

in the green sublime depths where an evening has been

an even song sang of an archangel golden

the holiest voice all bless unbeholden

i dream to you now the source but unbidden

i remain in the sight of the light of the hidden

i succumb to the fall head on

i endure eternity dead on

i worship the wood christ bled on

i sit in a cafe with red on

the rain pitter pat pitter pat

2 little raindrops leant over a cloud

a headlong into a whirlpool of travail

the vortexian pull of a vacuum at suck

you forsook the brook at first look

then like a wild swan you took

the furious air beaten bloody by wings

the sky in its suit of blue and white things

the time is a human idea smeared over truth

sadness and joy to be overcome

and we smile

under a new conundrum

dichotomy takes a lot of me

i wait to fall apart in the poets junkyard

where the ending is both sweet and hard

i pick a card

any card


damn !

ill-starred ……..



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