posted on April 20, 2013 at 10:36 pm

glittering gossamer dewdrop pearls spun on a spidery web

sea sunken forest with mermanned trees

the fluke of bluest whale ingrained in sand

the ferny tendrils of the currents

the singing fish the diving birds

the monsters that come up to heaving surface roaring for air

down the black maw of rain

the prophet of the storm dressed in grey

the sky guardian who burns in other heavens

why i claim all forest as my owl

from deepest cleft valley between vulcanic suns

and what is moon but the twisted giantess who bore us all here

out distanced mother who reigns on high

your miracle of night as we disappear

in shadow of forest i glide in coral shell glade

in shores of pine i shining in pale gold metallic leaf

armour from arc where famine holds sway

in forest of white diamond orbs who lay opal eggs

and fronds tickle nymphs frozen in cavort

transporting elsewhere perhaps where the going is good

they have come undone in statue formed shadowy sequences

all oaks spring and hurled from the earth by the sling of a god

a mightier titan oh you could never imagine

shifting the stars and burning his hands

swallowing great darknesses so that all must see

in deepest of forests i pray to this god

who is the god of all other gods that have ever exist

who is the king of the kings of the kings of all men

who are the masters of forests not brutes dripping blood

in oceans great palms i entrust my prayers to the priests

ceremony of turquoise fired snake charming unto itself

i know how it is done the flames find no foot hold in me

the worms of foetid cave find my one iota blade most decisive

i ruin these rascals on beds of bonfire nights

on beaches of green blackness on sand of pure white

i scream and invoke and dance in the damned dunes

then plunge back into the rolling forest all moving in moonlight

surging and pummelling the strangers of your yore

incessant magnificent drenched in sacred rains

the ruins of an alien time before love or hate

return to the grove like folds in her hillsides then son

and let the wind tell them youre gone…..



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