posted on March 15, 2006 at 9:57 pm

didja see me?
didja see me?
whaddya mean no……?

sorry olde beane
but you was on camera for half a second
you were herd but not scene
what can i say?
am i bitter
am i angry
do i have an explanation
nope, not really
is there an upside
yeah they played milky twice
thats not badde
there were one bilion viewers after all

i couldnae tell ya fiendss
we signed a contract to keep quiet
youd think i’d have a lot more to say on this
but i dont
groucho marx said never work with animals or children
i guess we had both last nite
what an amateurish load of olde tripe
it cost a fortune
and it was useless
do adults really wanna watch exploding wombats
giant fluffy things looking vaguely aboriginal
and loadsa kidss running round
dressed up as anything they apparently liked
oh by the way
that was the melbourne symphony orky
that ya never saw
and the aust ballet
dodging the fuckin’ motorbikes
it was the story of a little boy and his duck
(jesus christ!!??)
is this what sports fans like?
and all thru the performance
2 aussie imbeciles
complete with kim n kath accents
explain and interpret it for ya
just what you want
ballett and a hamfisted
running commentary
” yes sharon, this represents
the ingoo bingoo peoples passing on
of the sacred binglebank”
cmon fiendss
you reckon the aborigines like the commonwealth?
like the incas dig the armada

tell me this
how can we live in this world
and have our intelligence insulted with this tripe
day in
day out
that the right honourable pm worm
is neither right nor honourable
the queen was bored stiff
the entertainment was like something from primary school
the people who put this on get paid the big bucks
to dream up that puerile olde toffee
i officially disconnect from the whole thing
milky way is a great song
the chchru are the best band extant in this universe
(except the arctic monkeys, of course)
the m.s.o. were wonderful
the rest
was a mess
and this is approaching
a vitriolic rant
and you know how badde that is
using up weeks loads of energy
in a short burst of pointless anger
im calm
im cool
at one thirty i will be collected
to drive to airporty
fly home to my little fambley
and have tea
evie gets on phone this morning
we didnt see you dad
but you looked really good

thanks evie starr
yer hearts in the right place

so now to ze fuchure
we are launching ultc soon
brissy syddy melby
we will be playing accoostick
doing songs off ultc n bwtb
the tix are expensive
but im afraid p and p
have upped the prices
and im obliged to pass it on to you
(jus’ joshin’ ya!)
yer gonna get tin mine
the history of the chchru phase 3
(the powles years)
plus a new live version of all i know
plus leverage
a shoogaysery thing i guess
we will also be selling ultc there
hey this is ugly!!
im spruiking product on mah sacred blogge!!
i only did it once before:
jlk says mention guilty tripe on the blogge
so i do
next day he says
dont do that again
its unseemly

go frigga that my fiendish slaves
everything is paradox
everything is flux
everything is improbable
dont believe yer eyes
listen with yer heart
and carry a big (buddha)stick
who on earth would be listening to my advice
im just an olde rocker
who happens to be a genius at a few things
so what
theyre a dime a dirty dozen these days
yep, the great genius glut of 06
ha ha ha ha ha
i hope ya got some buzz outta last nite
ah ya know
i diddit jus’ for you
(and the huge remuneration)
i love you wallies

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