posted on March 9, 2012 at 9:36 am

lean and hungry look

the nephilim who sprang from union of angel and woman

the heroes of old the giants and magicians

hammering fist and light feet

appear here appear there

here then nowhere

oh this grotesque beauty

if you can see

all these bones you find in the future

you fools they are dragon bones!

nephilim killed them all

strode this world like it was a dog

swift as a black death

harder than white winter

harder than man

moving unchecked where they will

kill without touching them

they never feel it till its too late

a thought harpoons the mind

a feint a parry a thrust without movement

such graceful killers

almost invulnerable

i wonder how this creation has gone wrong again and again

how could this have come from some pure and innocent god?

who made these sirens and slatterns that did such bewitch angels?

whence came angels could be seduced by women?

are we to imagine these things come not from some strange malice?

why were no limits put on these things?






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