posted on March 28, 2009 at 10:28 pm

yesterday we found a little room here
we didnt know previously existed
i thought it was a wardrobe or something
but down at the end of a little corridor
was a little meditation room
with a hushed silence
while esoteric books lined the shelves
one felt almost like an intruder on the rooms solemn quiet
an incense stick lay waiting to be lit
between a white carved dragons jaws
heavy sackcloth kept out the dazzling outside sunlight
nice room!
we walked around newport and avalon
we drove up to palm n whale beach
(nice going , iva!)
we had some indian food
which was good but i couldnt eat that much
which is good too
i remember living in america n taking ephedra stacks
to curb my appetite
but then i’d go to dennys n eat cheese sandwiches n chips
now i cant handle eating that much
leave while youre still hungry
dont fill up
its justa lotta strain on yer system
filling your belly to the max
you’ll always need more n more
so we left the restaurant still slightly hungry
we had palak paneer n dal n naan
natalie likes missions dark ghana chocolate
the sand up here is coarser n more yellow
they have some nice seapools
there are lots of long haired blond kids on skateboards
we went to cafe
it took 45 minutes to deliver some banana bread n porridge
it was ludicrous
i read the paper waiting
some celebrity dating some celebrity
some war somewhere
some murder
some plane crash
some market folds
some dollars burn
some footy player scores a goal
some politician is a useless lying worm
some people go to a party
some people go to the races
some people stay home n eat pizza n watch crime shows
soon we must depart the hidden nook of mission h.q.
wend our weary way back home
for the hourlong drive
plus everyone’ll be squeezing into bondi today
its a glorious sunday morning
i pull on my mansuit
more grey hairs
more wrinkles
more years a’showing
have some of missions nice muesli for brekky
type this rubbish out
pretending to work
while nk packs up our stuff
if any one out there has a chalet
a cottage in a forest
a villa
a castle
a romantic parisienne garret
a caravan by a forest
or some other nice holiday destination
we are available to stay there
free of charge!
get your place written up here too
if i got enuff places together
we can move out of our bondi joint
and just travel about staying here n there
the gypsy freeloaders

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