posted on October 5, 2006 at 8:29 pm

“and in the planes above us
the slightest prick is felt
when we break down
when we just melt….”

6.30 friday morning
flying to queensland v.soon
must pick mwp up at 8.15 in paddington
listening to ashra
kraut rock
wow true to my stereotype!
have already smoked pre-flyte nerve calmer
will have more layter, i guess
maybe half a val. if flyte is bumpy
or if i get the wrong seat
wedged between 2 huge ladies
clostrafobia coming down fast
its a little stormy lookin’ today…
you see the chrunches adventure in the plane with the explodin’ engine
used up my last bit of blase-ness about flyin’
it fuckin’ scares me now
i cant relax
i dont relax
i have to do it all the time
fly here n there
for long 15 hour flights
or a 9 then a 12 then a 2 hours to get to sweden
i have 2 states on planes
anxious or sedated
please no advice unless you put the airmiles in that i have
at the end of flyte is tropical queensland
eumundi , a grroovy little town on the sunshine coast
we talkin’ floridian weather n palm trees, fiendss
balmy nights, jellyfish dawns, hot blissful days
lotsa timber houses in bushland settings w/skylights
surfie boys n girls running along in wetsuits w/ boards
mumsndads w/ kids
models w/fake tits etc
lotsa healthy cafes
anyway we gonna play tonite there
bring that house down
tropical rock w/sultry bits
maybe we got some holiday accom
with a fancy swimming pool n gold faucets
all day menu n wi-fi
fluffy robes you can wear n even buy!?
a chocolate on the pillow when the made terns the sheet back
you dont get that one too often tho

the australian audiences……
oh my my
it aint like playing in the states
it just aint!
which is why bands always like to tour the states
cos the audiences enjoy emselves!
i dunno
the audience pays their money
they can do whatever they like
i spose…
i dont wanna order em to enjoy emselves
enjoying yerself doesnt necessarily mean
screaming n waving n stage diving
my mum came to gig in london where there was stage diving
she couldnt believe it!
then a big black man told her to fuck off when she tried to get in backstage
it was quite a night for my mother, i can tell you
you can enjoy yerself on a chair sitting still
you dont have to dance or writhe baybee
(tho its nice when ya do, childe)
just dont be intimidated by my good looks n apparent genius
thats all i humbly beg of ya, my cherished aussie audiencer
yes its the chrunch, we’re magnificent n we’re legends
but just treat us nicely, ok?
we’re not the local youth club band
we need a little encouragement
ah thats better
pretend that we love each other
and it will come to pass
you see its the way its meant to be
we need to turn each other on a little
or we’ll become sullen n distant
and then ya wont getcha moneysworth
its so easy to let go n enjoy it…
but its kinda hard as well
i know
i know
i been in the audience a cuppla times myself
but please
trust us
as i must trust mr pilate today
in yonder flying can of metal
put yerself in our experienced hands
let yer mind stretch out n relax
let tension evaporate
let anxiety cease
let a dreamy n thought provoking mood come down
listen to the bass n drums
follow the blooming guitars
the words are telling you a story
see, its quite pleasant
isnt it?
have used the liquid bandage
finger still a little open
hey queensland
you better make it worth my while
see ya tonite then
in eu-fucking-mundi
and have bells on!

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