posted on December 26, 2010 at 8:11 pm

hermit of north bondi

the male fire penetrates the female earth

the elusive ether trembles above the submissive invisible air

the water as rain

falling falling oh falling down

no one would believe this life i dont

the morning wakes up  and says im sore!

the night says why, where are you sore dear thing?

the morning says everywhere

tiny cold drops on my skin blow in thru the window

i type type type because that is what i do

the rain becomes insistent but what exactly is it insisting on

i remember deep in the night of love i remember how lost i was

i must be stumbling round in my own head

i cant believe the things i hear myself saying

at least im indoors at least im just dreaming

the cool rain is real but nothing more

steve kilbey is elsewhere

all of his voices get to roam free now

we jostle forwards demanding a platform

we start to kick up a clamour

we insist upon the gory details

we weasel and connive and we wriggle about

christmas day is over it exploded behind my eyes so pleasantly

at 3 a.m. i’m in a dream dressed in a towel

the street is very very quiet

not a breath of air the temperature is perfect

the future around the corner

i move thru darkness like shark

in my mind i see red

swimming up the blood dimmed tide

but in my strangest dreams i am the one who is bitten

on film i see my shoulders tense and relax

still i move thru the dark summer air like neptune come to life

down by the frothy shore the wavelets danced to their own tune

and the old stings of monstrous jellyfish suddenly flared upon my belly

the salty night air all pierced now with rain

but i never finish what i’m saying

wendy says you got lucky

i say why

she say because you got luck

but i wanna know where luck comes from

i wanna know where luck is and i

wanna complain to luck about 2010

i imagine luck is a fickle fickle thing baby

i imagine luck dont hang around forever

the ocean at this hour is a revelation

i fling down my towel i stride into green water

i am dosed upon some inexorable dream drug

i hurl superlatives around

as the water closes over my saintly head charybdis pulls me down

fathom after fathom

down to that lovely sea bed where the sea witch wait

oh shes an alien thing as she emerges from her cocoon

oh shes stranger than strange, stranger

oh she comes out of her place like a shadow slinking down a street

she murmurs something into a shell

she draws a symbol in the sand

she sees you then as you wait your turn

sees you on the infra red

sees you on the old sixth sense

sees you naked in her sea

with a drug upon your spirit

and a drowsiness upon your life

and in candlelight while you drown

the vortex spits you out at the bottom

i thrash like a little lamb to wake up a little

you want to hurt me but it will only hurt you instead

the night is full of floating stings of long gone scorpions

the night is so sleepy the night is so still

oh listen the rain has stopped

the rest is easy

the easiest thing of all

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