posted on May 5, 2006 at 2:30 am

losing face with yer data base
what does that mean…?
sometimes i catch myself saying the darndest things
when i say this world and human society are absurd
i say it not from a position of superiority
but of wonder…..
mornings that come in the future
finding that im now absent
gone from our plans
sidetracks leading here n there
oh i just spent a decade up this petered out dead end
i was looking for something
that was so important then
but now seems so very hard to remember
why i thought it all meant so much
all things put together must come apart
that is a law of this universe
dont come crying to me anymore
by the time i return youll probably be gone
its a revolving door, aint it?
struggle all ya like
its surrender that you need
oohh sweet surrender
like learning to swim
you gotta trust that water to hold ya up
if you dont believe, down you go
to davy jones and mike nesmiths locker
are you still with me here, fiend
give in
its all over
believe in the water
believe in yerself
forget yerself too
thats right
thats what i said
get together
bake some bread
do what you like
thats what i said
maybe impressionism will help…….
insert own ism here
in those future mornings
replete with soft filtered sunlight
in the observatory
the gardens in the distance
fortunate sons
but i digress…

who was that person i saw you with?
the one in the cloak o invisibility and the ten league boots
the reason i ask is this:
one hundred years ago in a distant land
quite close to here
there lived a man
who dreamed that he was in a story
typed onto a computer in the year dot
if that could have had futuristic jollies attached
but nay, little pig
alas, this was not the case.
presently along came sir dennis swyne-bott
a big wig
a vip
a 4 wheel drive w/ own carpark
(on top of sacred ground, natch)
he immediately timelined a great scenario
which was lifestyle-enhancing and $$$friendly
as well as serene and convenient
which involved one years free trial offer
and a broken digital camera
“it doesnt work” said sir dennis’ secretary
as you scramble for a piece
an online dating service redirects you to an abandoned warehouse
on the outskirts of town
from here you can see for miles and miles
you blow the dust from the furniture
light a cigarette
hand on gun
billy franklin appears
and he wastes ya!
you go under screaming
you cant believe this is the end
franklin stands over ya grinning
blowing the smoke from his gun like a cowbouy
death is indescribible
what did you expect?
swyne-bott was behind it all, all along
the monopoly owns us all
the ship pulls out
the portal closes
cue music
film by the cchhru
the end

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