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zeus the thunderer was no longer listening
his daughter was berating him
whining at him
sulking with him
odysseus this
odysseus that
he had smiled when he heard calypsos name mentioned
ah calypso …..
he sank into a reverie
he had known calypso well
he would rumble out of the sky over her island
her island which was a just a point in a blue sea
her island of enchantments
he stroked his beard and gazed into the distance
he felt his potency rise
he licked his unbelievably handsome lips
while athene complained and irked
zeus stopped time
with memories more vivid than the reality of men
he revisited calypso
her aisles of delights
her potions that had caused the love increased
her skillful hands that flew and hovered
the willows alders and cypresses
her ambrosia
her nights like nectar
but that was all long ago
long long long ago
on that last time
as he was leaving
calypso said
i guess i’ll see you round….
yeah…..zeus said
they both had known it was over
back in olympus
athene shakes his arm
youre not even listening to me are you?
zeus breaks off his reverie
how dare you talk to me like that?
athene glares at her father
zeus interrupts her
poseidon is furious with this character…!
athene starts listing out all odysseus’ woes
OK OK OK thunders zeus
odysseus ….why should he care….yet…
what is it to you that he should do this or that? he asks
athene is a very cool goddess i mean shes very wise
but this question hurts her
because even though she is wise and clever
she is also very vain and very jealous and very bitter
we know this because she competed for that damned stupid apple
bloody apples
eris as the snake
offers eve the golden apple
from the tree of life
and on it is written
to the most beautiful
discordia as snow whites evil stepmother
twice removed as a crone
here my dearie
take this lovely golden apple
from an old woman
and she cackles
as snow white flicks her black bangs back
and goggles the inscription
to the most beautiful
and loki
disguised as kilbey as a boy
offers miss mountjoy his teacher
a golden delicious
and as she takes it
she sees a small sticker that says
to the most beautiful
and so you see
athene had righteously thought
that that apple belonged to her
she wasnt just wise
she was beautiful as well, for titans sake
couldnt a goddess be wise and pretty?
did one negate the other?
in hera…yes!
neither wise nor pretty…
in aphrodite…yes!
the original dumb blonde thought athene
but athene had it all….she thought
but ever since aphrodite got that fucking apple
she was feeling….undesired….
the truth was
she was in love with odysseus
she was wise enough to not get involved with a mortal
but she still couldnt help herself
fixing things from a distance
opening some doors
pulling some strings
some times they saw each other face to face
she was an awesome lady to be sure
but odysseus had never thought of athene in that way
she was like a powerful austere aunt
how sad she would have been
to know he thought of her in this way
how surprised he would have been
to have known his protectress
harboured lustful feelings for his mortal hide
angrily athene guessed that aphrodite was behind all this
her little bastard son with the bow and the arrows
love like life
life like love
idiot love will cause confusion
athene stamped her divine foot
daddy, cant you just do this one thing for me, please?
zeus acquiesced
hermes! he shouted
hermes strolls in
a well toned young cat
pretty much naked
except for a wispy loin cloth
a golden helmet with wings that bark
and golden winged eel fingerling sandals
hermes delivers messages for his boss
zeus says
hermes…go n sort this out for me, old son
hermes says
whats the trouble, squire?
zeus says
nip down n pay a visit to calypso n tell ‘er
to bloody well let that odysseus go or else
hermes says
no problemo,boss…and what if she dont want to?
zeus says
you know what to do
hermes says
consider it done!
now right now
as you sit and read these words
hermes is skipping cross the water like a stone
hes sprinting over the vast seas
all the way down from snowy olympus’ mists
now he shoots over the tropical ocean
wherein lies the nymphs isle
if you were in a boat on that sea
you would see a golden young god
flash across the backs of the waves
rushing headlong
to where odysseus sits
watching the horizon

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