posted on May 22, 2009 at 9:15 pm

first of all
let me thank our own loolabillions
who has forked out some hard won cash
and bought 4….yes 4 ..of my paintings
and i must congratulate her for her choices
the golden dragon….oh yes…..
but be careful…hes a nasty olde rep-tyle that one
he loves treasure and…well, you,ll see loola
and the ice-mare
which is a very female painting
(all my girls loved that one esp. eve who named it!)
self portrait with gold floral
that really looks like me
if i was more regal royal loyal n ‘andsome
(noticing new lines in my face everyday)
and an older self portrait called shore points
which is me standing at dawn
on a beach somewhere up near my little mummys house
which coincidentally
(i notice from loolas paypal receipt)
is not far from the billions household itself..
so maybe loola…you recognize that spot
i always thought it was a good painting
i believe its all pastel no gouache
and it has a soft sad melancholy to it
nice choice!
yesterday i got steve kilbey and martin kennedy present
unseen music unheard words
which comes in such a beautiful little package
so slim
so futuristic
even the cellophane round them is immaculate
on the front martin has painted some vermillion atmosphere
some mercurian alien in front of a white hot sea
still like us earthlings
so lonely
on the back a semi -portrait of aurora kilbey
the angel of the dawn
all in crimson n gold
me and martin …you get 2 renaissance men
for the price of one
anyway heres my mini review
please note all this is my own opinion
it should not detract at all
from any interpretations
you may favour
(and dont spell space savioUr without the U!)
the record kicks off with
eyes ahead
smoothly introducing the disc
how prescient my opening words:
distance aint a joke
when yer wheeless n broke….
a fragile lush simple complex song
much mention must be made of jlks b.vox
and simon polinskis mixing throughout this record
the second song is my will be yours
david sylvian materializes at times
and that little talking trumpet thingy
this is a sad wee small hours tired n emotional song
i will lose everything that i will find
again…..the words are very telling
file under nightclubby/melancholia
number 3 is stretch into the stars
a theatrical number
a ponderous number
when you embraced that creature i deplore..i sing
the song is bitter slow burning and castigating
the next one is maybe soon
light gossamer stuff
advice from a father to a childe
pretty but slightly sad
simple but alluring
a lot of peoples fave
thats my daughter miranda singing on there…
after that we have uh i dunno
the usual mix up of my life
the record turns a bit heavier here
the beat is more insistent
the song actually rocks
its a furtive dark secretive song
full of revenge and spite
6 is thought of leaving
another dark number
very melodic
jazzy trumpet too
7 is another place
this is a hard one to define
it swells up eventually into a big thing
plus i use the word nepenthe
surely a first for a rock song
number 8 is all is one
a spiritual song
a lovely song
lovely music
the music is always so just right
never too much
no fancy doo dahs
no overwrought solos
no pomp n ceremony
at 9 is love increased
with a little bit of a pome at the end
n biblical imagery
10 is the other place
a sad n whimsical piece
i almost never see your face… i sing/sigh
i know you from the other place
(as opposed to another place)
at 11 is naked as a star
which is the “sexiest” track i guess
and finishing up
is friends are gone
as desolate as a stroll round a dawn beach
or an empty cafe when youre on yer own

this is a smooth soothing mellifluous record
it is painkillers opposite
it is the warm interior
it is lush and romantic
you wont have to work hard to understand it
its easy
it goes down easy
its melodic
it pays attention to tiny details
the music is so elegantly simple
well martin has a knack of….
uh…i dunno…
his music contains magic
his music brought forth these words
the music is unseen
and the words
could have
i think you guys are gonna love this one!

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