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i aint holding myself up as any great collector
everything here is incomplete, random and partial
i got a lotta holes in my collexion
(but not my complexion)
and quickly spruiking (shamelessly!) my play
friday 12 satday 13 jan, 8pm 15$ 10 $ concession
bricklane workshop 151 curlewis st
oh and bon bon
i can put you on the door but i need to know
under mr or ms….
to other syddley fiendss
i imagine if you turn up at 730 on the night youll get a seat
we are having a nite for guests n family too on thursday at 8
turn up for that too if yer cheeky enuff :
tell em your my cousin…
anyway the play (now with musicians) is going well
i AM peter
an upperclass twit, kinda secretly gay, loadsa money
baffled to meet a real live hoodlum one day
in 1960
the guy who plays jerry the hoodlum is brilliant
he is all the restless smartass aggression of a new york psycho-bully
we got it going like a tennis match now
its very liberating
like know a piece of music
rattling it off efffortlessly
you can start to Xplore the tiny spaces
where you yourself lie therein…
enuff (shameless) spruiking
isnt that a kaydee lang album?
or was that r d laing who wrote knots?
without a further do
who appear on my ipod only because of dark side of eighties comp
do ya wanna hear an extra silly version of ziggy stardust?
here it is…..
bbc orch does peer gynt
cant really argue with this one
in the hall of the mountain kings
the whole thing is suffused with mystery n brilliance…..
be bop deluxe
i only actually have axe victim on my pod
the other 3 or 4 waiting to go in…
i could write a whole blogge on bill nelson n be bop
this was a very influential album for most of us in churuch…
the beach boys
smiley smile/ wild honey
brain wilson…whatta master….for a while..he burned bright
i do hate the uncomfortable sight of some great awkward olde git
being carted around singing teenage lyrics with a fixed unibomber stare
while his fingers play piano parts in the thin air…
am i the only person who finds this at complete odds
with the original intention of the music eg sunny youthful etc
anyway good vibrations is one of THE true 7 wonders of rock
(a future blogge topic…remind me)
and the wind chimes here is by far superior to the other one
i hear this track n im back in surfers paradise with ploogy in 81
hot sultry nights in our hotel ploogy played smiley n petsounds over n over
i should have more
should have surfs up…..
the beatles
abbey road *****
help! ****
let it be naked ****
love *****
sgt peppers *****
what can ya say about the beatles
keep yer eyes peeled for my forthcoming book
essays on rock
the beatles are the prime movers
the originators
i havent gottem all on ipod…so what?
the beatles music is the warp n woof of our western society
their contribution is enormous n evident
bee gees
i love a lotta beegees songs
jesus they had a run of hits everyone a bona fide clasiic
spicks n specks
new york mining disaster
how can you mend a lonely heart
tomorrow, tomorrow
i started a joke
i gotta getta message to you
i fuckin loathe the disco period however
no i dont find it kitsch or nuthing
odessa has got some of the worst pretentious lyrics
historical tripe about the baltic sea…more like bollocks,see..?
sorry about maurice tho…n andy….too soon too soon….
big audio dynamite e=mc2
i like mick jones…
this is pretty good..i guess..
big country
in a big country
(imagine if we’d been
the church “in the church”)
this is from nks collexion i guess
sad to think of this geezers lonely demise..
i think this schtick was good for one song
but i was pretty tired of the highland fling schlock
very very quickly…
big spaceship
this is the druid from all indias other group
kraftwerky electro-pop
its pretty damn nifty actually
probably better than anything the teutonic tin cans have done for years
good on ya martin…i really like this record…
big star
in 1974 i finally got my hands on #1 and radio city
then a few years later sister/lovers (in all its permutations)
big star loom hugely in the churuch world
whole careers have been based around one big star song
frinstance “kangaroo”
that song invented the whole falling apart thing
listen to it
buckley did it…its on a couple of his..
great god
i could write a thesis on the importance of this one song
thats why buckley had to do it…
its a seminal rock song
its an archetype
as good as its gonna get
if you want a sprawling decaying masterpiece….
bil withers
aint no sunshine
ooh mama…
sexee ladies man music…
this from nks collex
but i do dig this in a detached/partially nostalgic way..
mmm…sweet ladee…ahhh!
man with a movie camera
shen zhou
biosphere is norwegian guy
who makes clever instrumental music
its all very different
from ambient pieces
shards of ice cracking up
found sound
orchestral loops
usually bril
recommend substrata
for frozen jollies
arctic rock?
oh this is lovely stuff…
hard to tear my self away…
black sabbath
(from darkside of 80s???!!!)
i like this n the cover of the 1st album
other than that i find ozzy/sabbath
does nothing for my refined tastes…
blank n jones
relax 1 n 2
i never wooda hearda these germanic groovers
if i hadnt done a song for em called revealed
this stuff is cruisy dancey trancey chill out
whatever the fuck they call it this week
its like an endless summer night in majorca
the hot air
the restaurants overflowin at midnight
that sweet e washed down with the champers
and then
oh baby
oh ya hit that sweet groove
way down in ya soul
as the doof doof doof
and the flanging strings suck upwards
into the fragmenting spanish night
oh cmon baby….yeah this aint music for thinkin’ to…
blind faith
oh classic album
stevie winwood
ginger b
rick grech
cant find my way home, presence of the lord
both bona fide classics
instant nostalgia
back in my bedroom
cold canberran night
i have single strip heater that burns one little bit of ya
and leaves the rest of the room cold
like a pie my father made once which was
burnt black on outside n ice on the inside
(with vegemite gravy!?)
i ve just received blind faith from the record club
which was a post order scam if you got people joined into
the record club you got 2 free albums
and when they joined they got 5 free albums
anyhow blind faith arrived in the mail which is very exciting actually
when yer sixteen anyway
in the glow of my heater n on my portable record player
i listen in wonder to this record
i cannot now disentangle myself from these impressions
i still enjoy it anyway….
the blue nile
i have walk across rooftops
i love this one
like music from a broadway show that never was
weary intelligent romantic songs
do i love you?
yes i love you
but it its easy come
easy go…
all this talking is only bravado
bo hansson
lord of the rings
magical musical interpretation of ring saga
this is superb stuff
innovative sad music channeled straight from middle earth
a billion times better than celtic schlock in movie
note to peter jackson:middle earth aint the emerald isle..
if ya love lotr
or ya love strange beautiful instrumental music
get this get this get this
i saw hansson on streets of stockholm
now twilight mysterioso…
boards of canada
the campfire headphase
awful title boys but super good album
i like b o can
clever instrumental stuff a bit pro toolsy..
8 out of ten easy..
bob dylan
blonde on blonde*****
pat g and billy the k****
slow train****
street legal*** and a half
time outta mind***
what can i a mere mortal add to the
over notated mr dill-on
the buddha to lennons christ?
he wrote the book…
absolutely essential listening
where are desire n blood on the tracks both *****
must sort that out…
bonnie tyler
total eclipse of the heart
from nks collex
im listening to it now
bow wow wow
from darkside of the eighties
go wild in the country
it may surprise you to know i love bread
dont know why
i just love his songs
they make me feel good
they bypass the cynic in me
and i just enjoy em
a guilty pleasure
i now come out of the bread closet
i am a bread lover
ha ha ha
brian eno
another day on earth ****
another green world*****
before n after science *****
bell studies***
discreet music****
here come the warm jets****
i dormienti***
kite stories***
music for films*****
on land*****
eno is an original
a giant in thought n deed
again worthy of a whole blog
its hard to say now enos impact at the time
one of my heroes
all his stuff is different
give it a chance
its some of the best..
brian eno n david byrne
my life in the bush of ghosts****
eno n jpeter schwalm
drawn from life ****
eno n harold budd
plateaux of mirror*****
the pearl*****
brian jonestown massacre
and this is our music
bjm demos 91
i like the bjm
they frustrate me sometimes but i like em
better them than most of the other tripe out there
and a great record
and i get a mention(!?) on the cover…
bruce springsteen
18 tracks**
asbury park****
the wild etc****
born to run******
darkness on the edge*****
tunnel of love****
another massive subject
youve seen my rave on about my fave boss tracks before
he sits only at dylans feet as a giant rocknroll figure

thats it
c ya tomorrow!


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