posted on December 26, 2006 at 7:52 pm

befour i go all poeticle on ya
a huge grovelling kissing the feet with cherries on top thank you
to all my loverly subscribers
my patrons-of-the-blogge
my readers
my true fiendss
my well-wishers
my flock of sea-girls
my far flung constituency
from snowy canada to snowy mel-bjorn
from the far-east to the eastern suburbs
dave m yer there every day.(look your own fullstop)
you love me moore moor?
damo in purth
ah…ambientboy in sanfran
garratt….nah he always gets a mention..
eekly..did a iridescent portrait of minna last nite
indigorooby…such a nice one
andromeda…i can picture you…all swirly you are
persephone…how many pomegranites this time?
wheres p.savant these days….on flextime?
the dean who i had the plezsha of meeting +mrs dean=verry nice
megan the vegan….a charming childe
imber who im sure is more limber than any of you
of course
b bon
out with it
are you a man or a woman????
hmm i not so sure now
why did we presume you were a bloke?
ah..d + t
who are the alpha n omega of cherchdom
god who have i forgotten
johnny hollywould
(cmon killer…are you drawing a blank?)
everyday i read the comments
and i want to remember certain names
but i always come up with the usual crowd
little stick doll…hello dolly!
{(“:?”)}..dear sweet lady …how art thou today?
samosanx who is sometimes a naughty kitty
(cmon killer…cmon)
theres at least 3 important names i have nevva mentioned..
but they read here every day
of course fandorin…who is a very demanding fiend
he likes it……but dont give him no second rate tripe
is he as demanding on himself one wonders…?
but merry humbmas steffo…you keep me honest…honestly
coming soon for you
slip slap slop…sks book of raising daughters
oh lord….those names…those names
all my richards…..
the man with many richards…
so many different names
me stevie or steve
you can be rich
or you can be a ricky
or you can be a dick
its up to you really..
my brain just wrote to my mind
and it said
“re requested names from ye olde memory
we have thoroughly searched the files
and come up with nothing. the staff down here
in recent memories suggest a reduction
in combustibles” a. neuron
so im sorry
i bet i forgotten all my biggest subscribers too
the kaputnicks of ohio, de
who have given me their first born
to be raised as an apprentice being
he’ll be taught and he’ll be taut
but hardly ever torte
the successful candidate should have good peoples kills
and be able to procrastinate n vacillate and take
indeterminable teabrakes
an apprentice being will start out as a paisley dandy
and end up as a big-daddy bricklayer bloggin’ beachcomber
his wages will come in chunks or not at all
his future will be passed
his career will careen
his graph will be gruff
his bark will be better than his byte
blah blah blah
moving right along
got involved in a big traffic jam in sydney
ended up in a queue in sydneys poshiest suburbs
eventually we park in a paddock
nk says whats a paddock? is this a paddock?
its an australian meadow or field i guess
meadows too fuckin’ poetic for the aussies
we like to say paddock
eventualy we end up at designated picnic spot
us n 50 000 other people that is
well theres jlk n zoe the wunderkid
theres nanna joyce sitting on the only chair
a silver matriach who seems very wise n self contained
theres rusty n amy n kidss
my neice ms m is looking more n more glamourous
every time i see her
elli n minna running around
with all the impossible slenderness of youth
evie jumpin around with her hoola hoop
baby bumper waddling at hi speed
but oh no
aurora not feeling too good
hi temp
not eating
just lying there under a blanket
alternatively asking if
she can go for a swim
if not
can she go to the doctors…
we pack up our picnick eventually
when a girl next to us gets bitten by the nasty ant-like thing
the same thing thats mentioned in sealine
the minute the sting penetrates yer finger…
it got me n nk down here
when nk had first moved here
the pain is unbelievable
ive been stung n bitten by a few things
including a wasp in the mouth when i was trippin’
but this pain is EXCRUCIATING
the thing looks like an ant but has a stinger on its abdomen
its half red n half black n i only ever seen em at nielsens park
anyway this kid next to us starts screamin’ blue murder
i knew it was this nasty thing at once
poor kid
it throbs unrelentingly for hours
boxing day is now an empty box
is that art?
bon bon?
is that art?

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