posted on October 4, 2010 at 9:10 pm

purple patch

rhapsodic evening

gentle rain n everything

words flow into my mind like lava sliding down a hill

in crowded rooms i have lost myself

in this midnight mist i exist in any direction

sometimes life goes easy like honey

music blossoms on the minds hills

people warm up to you

sitting in huge palatial suites

or in the exquisite gardens

you photographed around a pool hugging someone

no i must be getting confused because i’m sleepy

the light in here is warm purpled and dim flickering 1950s

i follow my thoughts through the arcadian fields and the e mysteries

i jump out of bed and stride around giving orders

i can be a bit of a bastard you know

my childhood was uneventful however

so i filled it with the grimms and the hymns

i sit on a bus to rozelle in 1990 balmain schoolgirls going home

i’m composing a song in my head and anything could have gotten in

you can do anything you like with poetry cant you?

its like a lie, isnt it

you given me licence to lie

so i imagine i’m this old singer on this planet called terra nausea

look i got a white beard n everything

the planet travels its sickening ellipse

we’re hurtling outta control through space cake and velocity v

we have co-ordinates but they are rumours hearsay and abstract chatter

down at the bar the geniuses are all getting drunk

the universe shudders and somewhere a light goes out

suddenly alone within my mind i wander its labyrinthian chambers

rotten hollows full of bad memories

some mental treatment plant grinds the black sludge of old pain

i stand knocking at some door early one morning

bang bang bang i dont know why nobody answers

opportunity is elusive do you know what i mean

and life is dreamy on a few mondays  sometimes some places

a morning comes finds me exhausted

instead i am summoned past lives and lives

you go where the good memories are dont you

you go stumbling through me chucking stuff this way n that

a mortal man a portable spirit

spirit take me now

i remember the various memories naturally

how could it be otherwise

well except that some memories are anticipated

that gives them some negative weight or wait i suppose

or boggled down in reminiscences two a penny

i rented a chalet for a while in my beloved alps

i drove a silent car along an alpine drive

i had a suit it was perfectly black

my hair was blond you know as i sped through a mountain

my skin it was tanned in that nordic way

i changed gears and accelerated away

that night i paid 500 euros for some phoney hook

who cares because i was loaded at this point

my hands trembled as i flew through my dreamtime being

a human ocelot tore my arms apart i thought you were my pet

my music soothes only some beasts i’m afraid

i cant placate your monsters and mirages

the new time heralds another limbo

memory once memory twice

hey whos making up all this cool poetry it isnt me

my car is parked outside a cafe in the gloomy hinterlands

my head is heavy like in an underwater stone on summer night

never mind all this what do you want to say ? i ask no one in charge

bondi beach is black as black at night

the air ravishes you as you sleep on the sand

the lights blur on the edges of some tears

in my mind i’m already shivering

i pull on my swiss german overcoat

the snow is finally falling and i promised austria

i was a suave count at your court

now i am this hermit in my tower

concocting fleeting marvels on the anvil n crucible

forked tongued lightning aiding my strike

in a gloomy passage on a cold crisp night

or lolling on my banana bed in hawaii

sleepier and sleepier

i return unto bed

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