posted on November 8, 2008 at 9:49 pm

you need a method
it might look random to you but you need a method
you dont just slap it all together
you need yer guiding principles
you need to establish n follow yer own method
you need a plan
feel around for the right elements
dont force it
let it come
open up
youve got everything assembled
combine n recombine
one tiny discovery
one new subtlety
one more ambiguity
dont let it say too much
dont let it say nothing
let it call ’em
let it allude to other stuff
let it invoke everything
dont shrink from realism
dont shudder at the bizarre
use your fucking imagination
anyone can do it
everyone can do it
swim around in your mind
revisit yer childhood
before you put the filters on
before you started screening it all out
now be aware
now be aware of the sublime planet you live on
its skies change all day long
its flowers are brilliant
the artwork of mother earth
her beautiful flowers n corals n clouds n canyons
beautiful loving mountains and seas full of glitter n movement
i see great silver whales break the surface of the sea
i see my children busy working with paper n pencils n paint
i see the pale blue sunday sky
i hear the deep silence of sunday morning
a day of rest
a day of soft words n lingering kisses
my mind calls me on
do your yoga
do your paintings
write your blog for those who care
i tremble on the verge of some great discovery
some equation i will soon postulate
i am on the track
i am trying to find the source of all art/music/poetry
yes it all comes from the same place
the very same place
do we doubt that van gogh could have played bass guitar
oh he woulda figgered it out sooner or later
and when he played….ah
i’m bringing it all together
i will impose my imagination on this world
i will sow a seed that will grow n grow n grow
the implications of my ideas will flow out n ripple on
they will be a tiny rivulet feeding an endless sea (endless)
i seek to master all my chosen mediums
i seek to be the best in the world at what i do
oh yes i always fall far far short
but that is my goal n occasionally i get it right
according to my own crippling high standards
you see i am critic/artist combined
i am no dumb prodigy
i am cunning
i am knowledge
i am skill
music painting poetry
i will be a master before i die
then i will reincarnate
and that master will become part of my future
something inside me to e’er call on
like i call on the artists inside me to give me aid
like when i let em do the work
get out of the way
they can all play
they sing sweeter than the lark
their fingers run over instruments like dreams
the imaginations come with methods
methods for painting
methods for poetry
methods for recording music
listen to painkiller
theres my method
how to make a masterpiece
on a low budget with some talented friends
kilbey says to tim n william
whatever we do this afternoon will be the songs
no ifs or fucking buts
i immediately write outbound
i start to play riff
i dont know whats gonna go on top
i dont worry bout that
i trust in the method
my methods always produce the goods
because i trust that whatever i do will be good
or i wouldnt bloody well do it, would i?
well i do have lapses of taste n judgement
thats what comes with being mercurial
and i am
and thats why you almost love me
i dont brook doubt
i dont brook questioning the method
tim n william never say
what the fuck are you doing?
i have inspired them with confidence
so firmly am i rooted in method
we all believe we will achieve results
oh i have cultivated this sublime touch
been patient for 40 years of strugglin’
with amps n people n audiences
all the things i gotta get right
i gotta sing EXACTLY the right words
I gotta play EXACTLY the right sequence of notes
i aint going for the common denominator
everyone reading this blogge
is a strange n weird “off beat” character
i know you all are
or why would you read me
you are my constituency
you are the ones for whom i do my tricks
i wont be wavering anymore
i will be going for arts jugular
i intend on conquering n mastering singing
i am improving on bass in leaps n bounds of faith
i dig further into myself
and i fucking find everyman there
just like jung said he’d be there
yeah there he is
and through him
my childhood becomes your childhood
in invoking one i evoke the other
and when someone makes that connection
its delicious
it tells us everythings ok
it holds us
it nurses us back to health
thats why the people love their music
thats why the people love their paintings
thats why the people love
i’m not embarrassed by art or my arty talk
i am an authority
i am a self taught fumbling bumbling fool
groping my way to some greatness
the sky will be my limit
the spiritual sky
a deep respect for tradition
and a
fuck tradition!
give me guys like ricky maymi
who act like high performance additives
when mixed in with my fuel
give me polinskis wily ears n deft touch
give me tim to play the stuff i cant do
remember : even i cant be good at everything
i cant ride a surfboard or play the drums!
now can i let myself off the hook
drums are alien to me
i’d rather play a fucking harp
i dont do drums
i dont do oils
i dont do a lotta things
set yerself some boundaries
get good at one thing first
dont try gouache n then watercolour then metallic
then pastels then inks then pencils then whatever
everytime it dont work out
choose yer axe n stick to it
dont blame yer fucking tools
dont say
oh i could be an artist if i had my own studio
i was painting in the lounge room till i got my own room
i was pluckin’ a cheap guitar n dreaming of becoming myself
a thousand years ago in lyneham
i was plotting n scheming i was obsessed
i had to fight fight fight
i still gotta fucking fight with this mediocre world
i gotta make records like mimesis n painkiller
because SOMEONE HAS TO !!
i carry the banner for the hippy ideal
this is my starting point
indelibly burnt into my mind
i will forever go over my patch of turf
mining it for wonderful childlike things
that are not cloying
erotic not pornographic
spiritual not new age
when i perform i will give it all
n hope that sweet spirit will fill me with song
when i paint i let the brushes glide so divine
i let the colours swirl in outrageous combinations
just like our lovely mother nature
my songs are wonder and tragedy n nothing n everything
hey im a roman
im a woman
im a madman
im a prophet
im a bewildered kid
im an olde master
i am one hundred arists n singers focussed into one fool
i take all the colours n notes n words there are
i ask humbly for saraswatis blessings
bestow upon me the gifts that will allow me to accomplish this
i will reveal all my methods tho they will not work for you
with a sleight of hand
out of thin air
this is how confident you have to be
like muhammed ali
like dali
like bolan
like johnny lennon
paint the universe
sing the sky
write about the love between my brothers n my sisters
is that enough?

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