posted on August 23, 2007 at 5:13 am

theres nothing to stop you…..
leaden afternoon
music percolates
follow the shadow with your eraser
plane off tiny planes
the things know what they want
small arrangement
painting n poetry n music
all the same
all the same
a flick or a curl or an adverb
a hammer a shading an allusion
slide colour comma
principles so slowly revealed over lifetime
you guide the pastel over the paint
change words slightly for flow
a note distorts n releases
universal ratio of beauty
map of the subway subconscious
tokens of travel
proof of arrival
you say
i know why i can be bothered
train of thought
concept of conception
in the roots of the mind
where you cannot willingly go
i have taken it upon myself
in the substrata
in the permafrostiness
in the crocodilian regions
in the chambers of black mist
when i thought i was asleep
your mind is a vast continent
deserts n tundras
steppes and stairs
cities teeming with lifestyle choices
men n women chained to their own times
the one who remembers
the message is too subtle to transmit
or even to think of it at all
it is elusive, the message
it is quicksilver
its nature is ineffable
it forever recedes
you think you got it but…
oh no
its slipped away through your fingers n toes
it ties everything up neatly one hit
this formula
or set of formulae
to vibrate faster…whatever n howsoever
to vibrate faster=veganism
as far as i can tell
to become aware
aware of what?
ah, youll know when you become aware..
can nothing solid be said?
the knowledge is not knowledge
its pre verbal,post lingual intuitional bing bang
its knees up mother brown as sung by vishnu the preserver
with freddy nietzche playing the piano
and the nibelung on b.vox
what would i know anyway?
if i knew i’d be rich rich rich
or leave this world today, right now
sometimes though
i think ive seen it
the message
the equation
the sign
the signal
the answer
the solution
the idea
the big picture
the design
the yoga
the union
the poetry in motion
the moon n stars
all bound up
one law which governs it all
is it the law of love?

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