posted on April 12, 2008 at 10:59 pm

i am the time being
in some ways a fool
i have also been given insight
i believe every idiot has a genius inside them
it just depends on how thick the membrane is
separating the idiot you from the deep genius within
i dont know about you
but i lived a million times before this
i been everything
rock animal star twig worm human alien
i contain a thousand painters
i contain a thousand musicians
i contain a thousand poets
i contain a thousand lovers
these lives i have led
what separates me from their memories..?
buddha on gaining enlightenment
could see his previous lives sliding back
one after another
he could see them all
his evolution towards simplicity…
the memories are there in all of us
hypnosis gives us fractured murky glimpses
a snatch of conversation here
an event or face there
children, particularly those born in india or tibet
where reincarnation is a fact of lives
children who remember their lastlife
children born speaking a language fluently
sometimes even dead languages
children born speaking some lost lingo
they gotta get some toffy prof to identify it
children with insane musical ability
children who have been growing and growing
through lifetime after lifetime
suddenly that membrane ruptures
that elusive nonexistent membrane..
so real nonetheless
go on
i dare you
remember before “you” were born
nope nothing coming to me
by the magical power of yoga
which i have practised diligently now some 5 years
yoga meaning yoke or union
if you think yoga is just a bunch of exercises
youre mistaken
unfortunately you’ll never know till you try
in many ways sk parallels his ibook G4
the killer has NEVER played around with his i-movie
with his garage band
never uses his entourage or a million other things built in
i been using it to write blogs
send emails
maybe watch some naughty stuff
maybe read some rocknroll drivel
but mainly really
its potential is unrealised
no we humans have other powers n abilities
yoga helps facilitate this
yoga gradually melts the membrane
makes it get thinner n thinner
like the enamel on my poor teeth
yoga grinds down the membrane
yoga the pursuit of stillness and paradox
yoga union with all selves
yoga union with unified field
unity past present future
yoga is a mystery
you never know what yoga will do
ha ha ha
i done the hard yards
the unrewarding bit
like learning your latin conjugations
or going over your minor scales
you gotta practise ;diligence is required
you gotta have faith like that greek guy said
anyway yoga is doing its job
just as age is doing its job
age pulls me apart
yoga reassembles me
yoga whispers
here try a little clairvoyance
try a little soul
try a little merging in the wonderful one
all is one
i am part of all
yoga gently destroy the western paradigm
yoga making me strong in body and mind
yoga making me see
see things i cannot say
subtle power
subtle strength
subtle charm
and then theres drugs
drugs is a bad word
drug has negative western connotations
fuck all that!
i am a free spirit and i am a citizen of earth
the beautiful earth
oh my planet
you are in dialogue with those who have ears to listen
you provide medicines and elixirs
with your lovely plants
you communicate with us
the visions the journeys the astral travel
the breakthroughs into pure creativity
some jump forward
the western govts sold us a lie
the vine
these things
these holy gifts these sacraments
created by nature
aligning with specific receptors in man
did nature produce an abomination in dmt?
isnt this substance already present in our pineal gland?
the pineal aka the seat of the soul
the us govt made dmt a class a drug
they have said
like olde jealous cranky jehovah said
if you eat this of this tree
(dmt comes from bark)
you will be as gods (like him)
the govt dont want you smoking dmt
is it because they are so concerned for your health?
oh ha ha hardy ha
yes sir
would you like an uzi machine gun?
would you like a cigarette?
would you like a micro wave?
would you like some meat?
would you like some deforestation?
would you like some iraqi war?
would you like some neglect in the face of disaster?
but im sorry sir
the govt is protecting you for your own good
we believe dmt is evil
we believe its bad for you
we are protecting you
drugs are for addicts and madmen
they harm our society
we have given you alcohol (not a drug, a poison!)
we have given you tobacco
we have given you valium and thalidomide
we have invented tranquilizers so you can be tranquil
but this dmt….
we believe in order
we believe in being sensible
we believe everyman has a right to a steak and eggs
the united nations may have indeed reported
that becoming vegan is the fastest way to redress this earths sickness
and big fat old al gore and all the rest
are they fuckin vegans yet?
are they driving their half electric lexus munching a mcatrocity
ignoring the obvious
cos theyre so addicted to dead meat
(i dont wanna earth if i cant have meat)
they chopping down the HOLY AMAZON
the lungs of this planet
home of shamans and the vine
i was right about meat 30 years ago
i predicted it would be outlawed in my lifetime
and now i believe it will come to pass
they laughed at me then
i say all war is terrorism
i say meat and murder and ignorance
is as much part of western thought
as shakespeare and rodin and steve fucking kilbey
the current regimes will disintegrate
the criminals will be punished
if not in this life
then the next
when george bush reincarnates as a kid in some country
where an imperialist imbecile who rigged an election
has just dropped a smart bomb on his street
and bits of his mummy and daddy are lying all around
when cheney reincarnates as a fat parasitic worm in
connie rices large intestine
when the dmt is handed out
and guns are non existent
when leaders are visionaries a la gandhi
when ignorance is abhored
when the rednecks turn on
when the klan trip
when the president is a yogi and a shaman
fuck yeah!
thats my kinda world
make it happen
do it!
we can!
save the world!
vegetal magic
peace and the light of love
but first
we have to take out the garbage n trash
coming soon near you…

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